Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish rather than uni

Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish rather than uni

Portrait – As soon as the UK-EU divorce agreement is signed, the Scottish First Minister, oblivious to the hurdles, announced that he would call for a new self-adjudication referendum and strike for the EU.

“We’ll be back soon.” In early 2021, the video spot for European Union broadcasts on social networks by Scottish authorities is over nostalgia: it is a declaration of intent. Quite frankly, he said that in the future independent Scotland would apply for EU membership without delay. However, there is a long way from the cup to the lips. Such a project assumes that London lays the green light for a new referendum on independence, that most Scots respond with a yes and Brussels is ready to welcome separatists.

Nicola Sturgeon is not afraid of obstacles. Soon after the UK-EU divorce agreement, the Scottish First Minister, who heads Edinburgh’s government and presides over the Scottish National Party’s (SNP) destiny, announced that it would call for a new self-decision referendum and knock. Will give the door to the European Union.

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