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Libya: Visit of an Egyptian delegation, a step towards mutual coordination between the two countries

This is the first time since 2014: an Egyptian delegation was on an official visit to Tripoli, Sunday, 27 December, for the national unity government of Faiz el-Sarj. During the Battle of Tripoli, Egypt, along with Russia and the United Arab Emirates and some Western nations, supported their rival, the country’s strongman in the East, Marshal Khalifa Hafter. But according to Libyan diplomacy, both countries aim for a return to normalcy. Its purpose is to normalize diplomatic relations. But also to reestablish air connectivity between Cairo and Tripoli and initiate cooperation projects in special security. In short, the visit of the Egyptian delegation to Tripoli is intended to restore normal relations between Libya and Egypt, which was disrupted in 2014. पढ़ें Also read: Libya: Trying to reconcile with GNA Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammed Elzeblawi made the announcements on Twitter, while in Tripoli, the Cairo delegation, including the deputy director of the intelligence department, Libyan minister of government Had met Interior, in the presence of Fathi Bachagha, its head of General Security A visit, which was reassuring, while in recent times, the war of words between the government of Tripoli and Khalifa Hafter has been lively. The strongman in eastern Libya threatened that he would be called the “occupier of Turkey”. Tripoli replied that his soldiers were ready to answer. But despite verbal hostility, the ceasefire achieved under the auspices of the United Nations is still respected. And furthermore, the purpose of Sunday’s meeting was to give it more support, according to Libya’s interior minister. An Egyptian embassy in Tripoli can therefore reopen “as soon as possible” which, according to Cairo, is six years old. After its closure.

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