No-deal-Brexit: British, then do your thing alone!

No-deal-Brexit: British, then do your thing alone!

Brexit talks have been dragging on for over three years, with one deadline extended to the next. Enough has been said. If an agreement fails, all parties have had bad luck. But this is just the way.

When Brexit negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom began three years ago, an employee of the EU negotiator Michel Barnier tweeted a picture. You can see the Frenchmen and their confidants, each with a stack of files in front of them, and the trio around their counterpart David Davis, who only had a slim notebook. It became a symbol of the arrogant attitude of island politicians who either underestimated or failed to understand the complexity of the negotiations. Perhaps it was a mixture of both.

In the early summer of 2018, Brexit-Means-Brexit Prime Minister Theresa May threw down, and her Brexit-Means-Brexit negotiator Davis soon followed. Boris Johnson took command. On the British side, Habris remained lacking in planning, naivete and amateurishness. The notion that other EU states could be divided into negotiations was first a major mistake of May, then that of his successor. Johnson was most noticeable of vacant, high-pitched, or degrading threats that helped poison the climate and tear down deadlines.

The two-year negotiation phase was officially extended three times in 2019, always with the insistence that it was indeed the very final adjournment. The Prime Minister also once expressed concern that he would become “a vassal state of the EU” if he signed what Brussels was giving him. Vassal state? The fact that Johnson trusted Great Britain was not like a glorious nation, but a country of inferiority. His performances and demands also gave the impression that he was the head of a world power.

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Following the umpteenth extension of this year’s deadline, there are now post-post-post talks. Now it is not about the sausage, but the fish. Barnier once again declared a “moment of truth”, and the chairman of the European Union Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, once again tried to use the term “great challenge”. The British have been keeping the international community, who – regardless of the Corona epidemic – have actually had other problems to solve for almost four years. And that, although the country has not been a member of the European Union for over a year.

Then the rest of Europe would be in bad shape

Johnson repeatedly stated that there was no need for a settlement, so he invented the disguise formula of the “Australian solution”. Then there is Hard Belly Landing – for everyone. It is not that 90 percent of the islanders suddenly recognize the value of the European Union. The community hates and lives on the island, at least in the English part. Johnson has always ignored or ignored the dangers associated with negotiation failure and placed bets on the prospects of Brexit. The imminent collapse of the kingdom following the solitude of Scotland and the resurgence of civil war in Northern Ireland were of secondary importance to him.

Perhaps the Prime Minister is right about everything, doing exactly the right thing and making Britain an island of pleasure, where the economy is thriving, unemployment is at a minimum, prosperity and pensions are safe, the health system is top international And the government’s revenue is booming. Make Great Britain Great Again! It can be given to the state.

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Then the rest of Europe would be in a bad state. The continent would then have to accept not only that it would no longer be allowed to keep fish in British waters, but also that other states could follow the example and leave the European Union. The governments of the European Union then had to wake up first and face disagreements with Europe, not just in Great Britain, but millions of people. Even the dispute between the European Union and Great Britain, disguised as a negotiation, did not in any way make the community more sympathetic.

At least we will get clarity: either day Brexit critics will have to take off their hats to the British and say: Great and done right! Or it is becoming clear to everyone: the European Union is a great institution that should help reform rather than leave every single member state. However, the endless conversation, which the common man can no longer understand and cannot understand, must end. No one else compromises, even holding the quota to sum or 2050 to agree this description.

Lazy compromising time must end. According to Johnson, the European Union should “take reason and come to the table with something”. There is no need to do anything for the European Union. And the British have to eat their own cheddar. They wanted a break, now they should finally talk for themselves.


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