Nostalgia for the “Angry Birds”, these leading smartphone birds

Nostalgia for the

The 2010s already have nostalgia for them and, for some of them, it is associated with sadness. Angry Birds. The object of the game – in which adorable birds fight against green pigs that steal their eggs – is to slingshot the birds On crazy constructions to make them collapse like a deck of cards.

Euan, a Scottish fan of Rovio Studios’ creation, remembers that Angry Birds Lite, which allowed a free trial, was the first application he downloaded to his iPad in 2010. Quickly won, he cracked, opened his wallet and reached the full game. “I haven’t regretted a second”, he believes today World.

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Eleven years have passed but Yuan’s passion hasn’t dried up yet. Since December 2020, he shares information on twenty of the franchise’s adventures with the Twitter account “Angry Birds Facts”, which now has over 10,000 subscribers. What is the beak of those who think that the public has forgotten them angry birds. “To be honest, it is difficult for me to explain myself about this popularity, but I think it has to do with nostalgia and people’s desire to get the franchise back. “

Proven by an Experienced Team

first game angry birds It’s also missing from its developer, the Finnish forty-something Tumo Lehtinen, who had to pledge to withdraw it from the application store in 2019 by Rovio. Ten years after its creation, this founding title of mobile video games was already out of date. Hard to make old bones on a smartphone: The devices that made it possible to program were obsolete. “Their maintenance was becoming too complicated and we stopped it”, he tells by videoconferencing from Rovio’s headquarters in Espoo, on the outskirts of Helsinki.

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Tuomo Lehtinen is now the vice president in charge of video game development at Rovio, judging by the poster’s resemblance to Soft Toys and the characters they create. Despite his youthful appearance, he is a veteran who has seen mobile gaming develop at a frantic rate like phones and who knows how important it is to stay as close as possible to these changes.

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In 2005, two years after the creation of Rovio, he joined the company: economy of means reigned in the studio. The phones weren’t powerful, funding was still limited, and the time to make games was limited. “We had to do as much as we could with minimum resources”, A vision that fascinates him.

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