Nova Scotia, 49er World Championship and Nacra . thanks for relaunch


The Hubbards Community Waterfront has been completely transformed in preparation for the 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 World Championships.

What was once a thriving fish processing plant (we are in the north of Scotland), which has been abandoned after decades of decline, will now be a permanent entry point for reliable use.

Three levels of government (the Government of Canada, the province of Nova Scotia and 2 municipalities, including Halifax and Chester) and 16 private sponsors joined with an overall budget of $2.7 million (Canadian) in support of the World Championship and its legacy . , Of this, the Hubbards Community Waterfront Association oversaw the renovation and transformation of the $0.9 million site. Major projects include ramp upgrade, dock upgrade, floating dock upgrade and site expansion with leveling. In addition, Internet, electricity and water updates were introduced.

In the microcosm of how Nova Scotia’s economy is changing from a resource-based economy to a tourism-focused one, the Hubbards site will support the yachting community and visitors for decades to come.

In addition to the difficult changes listed above, the 2022 World Cup brought together regional sailing leaders. Members of the Hubbards Community Waterfront Association, Hubbard’s Sailing Club, St. Margaret’s Sailing Club, Sail Nova Scotia and Sail Canada have worked together for over 2.5 years to bring these championships together and create lasting bonds with the community.

New Scotland 2

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