On Food Network, A Journey in the Flavor of Emilia: An Episode Dedicated to Piacenza

Da sin Andrea Petrini, Cristiano Casa, Isa Mazzocchi, e Nicholas Gill e Victoria Blamey

Between traditional cuisine and specialty products, the Emilian Food Valley, viewed through the eyes of starred foreign chefs and international journalists specialized in food, with an extraordinary “Virgil”: Andrea Petrini, former machinist of world catering. Is Emilia Food Experience, series in three installments 30 minutes (one for each “capital” of Food Valley: Reggio Emilia, Parma and Piacenza) In the airsequentially, Tuesday October 18th, from 10 p.m.Warner Bros. on Discovery Group’s Food Network Channel 33.

A journey into Emilia’s most authentic flavors among dairies, wineries, vinegar factories, ham and charcuterie factories to discover the food and wine excellence of the Food Valley, from Culatello di Zibello to the traditional balsamic vinegar of Reggio Emilia, from Parmigiano Reggiano to Parma ham and Salumi Piacentini, passing through Malvasia, Guternio and other Emiliano wine gems. And, in this story, taverns and restaurants couldn’t be missing, patrons of traditional cuisine handed down from generation to generation over the centuries, and a way to experience slow food that still rules in Emilia. There’s also room for rezdor and his art of puff pastry, In each episode we will see the preparation of a typical pasta made by skilled hands: cappelliti in the Reggio region, tortelli with herbs in the Parma region and tortelli con la coda in the Piacenza region. Authentic Taste on the Palate, Authentic Landscapes for the Eyes: To accompany Petrini and his guests, here are the Val Trebia and the alluring Emilian landscape, from the banks of the Po to the villages of Bobeo and Castel’Arcato. The Palace of Matilde di Canosa.

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“Food is the greater travel inspiration – underlinesRegional Tourism Councilor Andrea Corsini – And our region, with its Food Valley, boasts a unique offering of great international appeal. A proposal enriched by a passion for doing things “as they once were”, by suggestive places between nature, history and culture and by an effortless hospitality. The Emilia Food Experience will tell it all to the Food Network audience-gourmands, which features extraordinary heroes. An outstanding showcase for our Food Valley and its many faces. “The authentic flavors of Emilia represent 30% of the total Italian economic value of PDO/PGI food products – they announced Cristiano Casa, President of Visit Emilia – To promote the regions of Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia, an extraordinary heritage of which we are proud and which it is our duty to make known nationally and internationally. Our Food Valley is rich in gastronomic excellence, but also above all in those who work every day, busy, in view of a unique tradition, with a passion with a priceless historical, enogastronomic and human value. Through this new TV series, together with the Emilia-Romagna region, we wanted to convey it all through the sensibility of some of the greatest professionals in the world of food and wine ».

In the first “episode” Dedicated to Emilia Food Experience regio area, Andrea Petrini in the company of Argentine Chef Mauro Colagreco (Mirajur restaurant in Menton, 3 Michelin stars) and K French journalist Deborah Pham (founder and director of the online magazine Mint Magazine), will visit the Scalabrini Dairy in Bibbiano and the Venturini Baldini Estate in Roncolo, and then sit at the table at Osteria del Viandante in Rubera. Culatelli and Parma Ham. Parma episode between: Petrini will travel, together Scottish Chef Isaac McHale (Clove Club of London, 2 Michelin stars) and K Irish journalist Anna Herto (Gourmet Traveler Australia) To conclude the experience at the Trattoria ai due Platani in Coloretto, at the Antica Corte Pallavicina in Poulcin Parmens and at the Casa Graziano Prosciutificio in Tizano Val Parma. instead they would be there Chilean American Chef Victoria Blammy (Famous New York Chef) and American journalist Nicholas Gill (New Worlder) Guests of the episode . Dedicated to piacenza, with stops at Salumificio Giordano in Tenuta Vinicola Borri di Travo and Carpaneto Piacentino. To represent the typical cuisine of the region, here are the dishes from La Palta restaurant in Borgonovo Val Tidon.

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The Emilia Food Experience is produced by Addictive Ideas, by Warner Bros. Discovery Group Concessionaire, and created by apt service Emilia-Romagna in association with Visit Emilia.


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