On the first day without the European Union, London is in the post-Brexit era

On the first day without the European Union, London is in the post-Brexit era

After centuries of tension between London and Madrid over “British foreign territory”, the two governments have agreed that Gibraltar would be part of the Schengen area to allow the border to remain open.

There will be no border control between Gibraltar and Spain, but only at the port or airport for those arriving from abroad. The agreement facilitates the lives of the region’s citizens, 96% of whom voted in the 2016 referendum in favor of remaining in the European Union, but which does not resolve the question of British sovereignty over Gibraltar, which Spain Is disintegrating.

With the conclusion of Brexit and the misuse of Gibraltar’s mine, Johnson could be contented. However, the Premier knows that he faces many challenges this year. The most urgent and difficult is the epidemic, which according to the Minister of Health is “out of control”. The country is in lockdown, with deaths increasing at a rate of about one thousand per day while new daily infections are more than 55 thousand. The goal of vaccination on a large scale may be delayed by refueling and logistical problems of delivery and administration.

Scottish Temptation

Another problem on the horizon is Scotland’s desire to return to Europe, even by choosing independence from London. Yesterday the message of Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon was: ¬ęScotland will be back soon, Europe. leave the lights on. ‘

The leader of the SNP, the Nationalist Party, is counting on the expected victory in elections for the renewal of the Holy Parliament in May to hold a second referendum on independence. Brexit, strongly opposed by two-thirds Scots, has given new momentum to the separatist movement.

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