One in three people in Rome do not pay taxes. Shortcoming? dell’ama – time

 One in three people in Rome do not pay taxes.  Shortcoming?  dell'ama - time
Pier Paolo Philippi

More than one in three users in Rome do not pay Tari. And the blame lies not only with the defaulting citizens and businessmen, but also with the administration that “happily” manages the collection process, causing billions in loss to the public exchequer. To be precise, the failure to collect Tari last year alone cost the Capitoline budget, and therefore taxpayers, a good 1.62 billion euros. The “j’accuse” was launched yesterday by Sylvia Scozez, owner of the public accounts of the capital of Rome, presenting figures for the 2021 budget report at the Capitoline assembly. Tari stops at 34 percent,” Skozze explained. A substantial figure, he said, “which is worth a provision of ₹1.62 billion in the 2021 fund, of which ₹1.6 billion is for traced and active residuals”. A “hole” in income, clarified to the commissioner that “causes pain in the management of the city” and for this reason, he hoped, “within the year we should have a system that starts and responds immediately.” “.

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The fault of the situation, said Skozze, stymied by the opposition’s findings, is not so much a civilian as Ama, who manages the tari’s collection. “I didn’t say that Roman doesn’t want to pay – he explained – it’s that often the bill doesn’t come and we have to change the whole collection system”. But the system is leaking from all sides. In fact, there is no collection of tariffs not only on waste. Worse is the recovery of all kinds of fines ranging from fines taken by the brigade for violation of the Highway Code to irregularities in the possession of public land. In this case, the collection stops at 20%, said the councilor for the budget, or rather is paid one in five minutes. And even in this case, the municipal treasury loses from 1.5 to 2 billion euros every year.

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In terms of budget, it was also announced in the Scottish Courtroom yesterday that the first changes to the Capital’s budget, which will be rejected in 2022, will provide an additional 245 million euros for municipalities and departments in the head of investment. “In the restricted part we have 1 billion and 351 million resources for specific purposes, they will be made available to municipalities with the first technical variation after the approval of the report – he explained – a part of these resources are already used As of the estimated surplus in November, the free portion is worth 245 million and all are earmarked for investment. With the first change there will be 245 million for departments and municipalities ».

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