“One of the biggest changes in football history”

Rome , “One of the biggest changes in football history”, with these words pierluigi collina He praised the use of the technology on September 1, 2016, six years after his “first start” in an international match. “I remember that day very well – The current chairman of the FIFA Arbitration Committee begins to tell – A historic day. At the time I was not officially working for FIFA, but I was, in turn, with other colleagues, to watch Italy against France and the video assistant referee used for the first time in an international match. . We were all very excited to see the results, but I must be a little nervous too. After all it was the first time! I remember sitting in a small van outside Bari Stadium with the new FIFA President Gianni Infantino. This is where the technology was and I was showing Gianni what the blow was like. How far have we come since then! , This was 1 September 2016 and in the next six years – continued Colina – VAR did not bring the ‘end of football’, as some were reported at the time, but instead it is now part of the fabric of our sport, and it is hard to imagine football without it now. I remember the first time we discussed such a technique with the aim of preventing wrong decisions on the ground. We were at the IFAB meeting in Belfast in 2014 and the idea was first discussed. At the time it seemed like a daydream, but in turn it took two years to go as just an idea to implement football at the highest level that night.”, “At the 2018 FIFA World Cup” It was a huge success, and it was the best possible response to those expecting failure. They were disappointed. Gianni and I have always been very confident that VAR will be successful and bring more fairness to football matches. We were right in that sense”He concluded.

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