Only then will King Charles be crowned (and it will be a simple ceremony)

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thin, low And financial: Like this king charles he wants it to be his coronation ceremonyfor which he wants it to be set June 2 next yearIn honor of 70 years of rule of Queen Elizabeth,

Ale’Operation Golden Globe, which is the name of the plan leading to the coronation of King Charles III, has already begun because, after a period of mourning, it is time to start working on the future. A future that should be – in the intentions of the new king – Durable, no waste, and no fanfare, Although Respect for traditions.

“The king wants the ceremony to be shorter, more concise and conclusive” less expensive What happened to his mother in 1953 », writes daily mail Citing internal sources. A first act that would confirm his intentions to “streamline the monarchy in all its aspects,” considering the mainly economic ones. increase in cost of living which the whole country is facing.” The cost of the coronation ceremony of Elizabeth II in 1953 was £1.57 million, or approx. 45 million pounds today: a figure that certainly Carlo Can not stand To invest before the country.

Although in low formationHowever, the organizational structure should not change and will all steps respected according to tradition. Beyond that, though, – assure tabloid sources – there would be a large focus on inclusivity: King Charles wants it”United Kingdom’s diversity preservewhich is made of people of all religionsAnd so the presence of representatives of all the most important religions is expected.

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just for now indecisiveness and anticipation: no official program, in fact, will be released soon, and certainly not before the end of period of private mourning of the royal family, That new king, in the company of Queen Consort Camilla, spending in Balmoral. “The family is in mourning till next Monday, so it will take some time to make and finalize every decision,” he said. Sunday an insider. Also because «the work is a lot and organization must be perfect, There is no need to rush things. In this moment His Majesty needs to step back from his pain ».

However, behind the scenes insiders are already working, The ceremony would be, according to tradition, a Westminster Abbey: Carlo’s head will be crowned with the same crown that Elisabetta wore in 1953, which was the coveted St. Edwards CrownAnd the king will take his oath before God and the people.

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953Hulton Archive / Getty Images


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