“Only zero-emissions cars on sale from 2035”

By 2035, all new cars for sale in the EU must be zero-emissions vehicles. This is inferred from the maxi package of environmental measures of the ‘Green Deal’ adopted by the College of Commissioners.

To make Europe the first continent in the world with zero climate impact. More precisely, the European Union wants to be climate neutral by 2050 and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. These objectives are contained green deal, the new maxi package of EU directives for climate presented today by the Commission’s College of Commissioners.

Von der Leyen: “Fossil fuel economy has reached its limit”

“The EU Green Deal is our development model, driven by innovation, clean energy and the circular economy. Climate law makes our climate goals a legal obligation. The fossil fuel economy has reached its limit. Now Europe is meeting our climate ambitions.” is the first continent to offer a complete architecture to The President of the European Commission saidhandjob Ursula von der Leyen.

Sasoli: “EU Parliament ready to act on proposals as soon as possible”

“European climate law has made these commitments binding and today the European Parliament welcomes the adoption of the largest ever legislative package on climate, energy and transport to align our laws with these new goals.” Thus the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli Comments on the climate package called “FitFor55” from the European Commission. “Parliament ready to act on resolutions at the earliest””, concluded Sassoli.

Climate measures contained in the Green Deal

The Green Deal proposed by the European Commission is one of a major economic power’s most ambitious plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which requires companies and households to adopt cleaner technologies such as:

  • Wind turbines, solar power and electric vehicles.
  • It aims to limit pollution in many sectors of the European economy, including electricity generation, cars, housing, shipping and agriculture.
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Only zero-emissions cars on sale in the EU from 2035

Speaking of automotive, by 2035, all new cars for sale in the EU must be zero-emissions vehicles. This is one of the points of the Maxi package of environmental measures presented today.

“We expect electric motors to be almost exclusively by 2035”, The first EU official told the press regardless of the power supply system. For cars with combustion engines emitting CO2, the commission’s source was clear: What will happen to the polluting cars? Nothing”. The Commission expects to replace them only in the years it takes to reach the Green Deal’s ultimate goal by 2050: net zero CO2 emissions in the EU.

Objectives of the Green Deal and obstacles to overcome

The plan aims to impose the world’s first tax on imports based on greenhouse gases emitted to demonstrate the block’s status on cutting emissions abroad. The move is controversial as countries prepare to convene a November climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, where the United States and Europe seek to persuade China and poorer countries to make ambitious new commitments to reduce emissions.

The Commission’s proposal has strong support in European capitals, but its details will be hotly debated in the coming months between EU governments and the European Parliament, which must approve the plan before it becomes law. Negotiators need to bridge the gap in the EU from rich countries such as France, which has relatively low emissions due to its reliance on nuclear power, to poor Eastern European countries such as Poland, a major user of coal-fired electricity.

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Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. And this is an opportunity to build a new economic model. starting today. PNRR and Green Deal represent new opportunities for innovation, investment and employment.

Starace (Enel): “In favor of goals higher on renewables, such as 40% by 2030”

Francesco Stares, chief executive officer inel, commented: “We strongly support the European Commission’s proposal to implement the EU’s ambitious Green Deal through a necessary, concrete and comprehensive set of tools: the so-called ‘Fit for 55’ package. We certainly are in favor of higher targets on renewables, such as 40% by 2030, specific targets for energy efficiency and announced expansion of already existing and working ETS”.


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