Opposite moments of France and the United States in men’s tennis – the first part. Absence of generational change of transalpines that now expect … Tsonga

 Opposite moments of France and the United States in men's tennis - the first part.  Absence of generational change of transalpines that now expect ... Tsonga

They are historically the two countries at the center of the tennis system. They host two of the four Grand Slams, they are on the podium in the Davis Cup ranking of multi-winning nations. They are the United States and France. Together they have won more than 110 Grand Slams in men’s singles. (although it is necessary to highlight a clear US prevalence in this data), But America has not won since 2003 and as far as the French are concerned, we have to return the tapes for another 20 yearsThe. However, Transalpine can make us proud monsieur Chauvin (the legendary soldier from whom the word “Chauvinism” originated) recalls his Davis Cup victory in 2017 and thus mocks Americans who haven’t picked up a salad bowl since 2007. In this first part we will analyze the situation of our Neighbors and French CousinsWhile in the second episode it will be the turn of States of America,

Undoubtedly, the main culprits for both countries’ poor results over the past 15 years are big Three ,four Even if we believe the undead). In fact, France had a golden generation with Gasquet, Monfils, Tsonga and Simon, who, however, had the misfortune of meeting one of the most extraordinary concentrations of champions in the history of the sport., However, as we will see in the second part of this focus, it cannot be said if the United States has come out of the tunnel. les bles,

This is demonstrated by the results of the last two Grand Slams: at Wimbledon only one Frenchman has passed the first two rounds and he is not a promising youngster but a normal gasket. At Roland Garros, in an area historically favorable for home players, only two Frenchmen reached the third round. (Compare, for example, to four Americans—never been great landowners): Gaston and “Retired” Simon, If you want an even more plastic figure, know that there is a serious risk that for the second year in a row Transalpine will only take home one ATP tournament and that never happened in the new millennium.

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France currently has only two players under the age of 25 in the top 100, Halis and Gaston. and they are on boxes 73 and 74 respectively (Italy and Canada also have two but they are definitely ahead; Spain has four and one is Alcaraz; Argentina has three pairs – Baez and Cerundolo – in the great climb; for the impressive data of the United States you can find the second part. or go and count them). It is clear that there has been no generational change in: Tsonga played his last game in Paris two months ago, Simon will wait until the end of the year to take off his racket, Monfils hasn’t played for almost three months and Gasquet does what he can. Poil’s career took off after the semifinals at the 2019 Australian Open, with which he for a moment earned the title of worthy successor to the four contemporary Musketeers (successors to the Musketeers of the 1920s and 1930s – Coquet, Lacoste, Brugnon and Coquette). Borotra). And there are still no interesting prospects on the horizon.

The first Frenchman in the Next Gen rankings is ranked 31st, while it is too early to put the new junior Roland Garros champion – Gabriel Debreau (16) on the job., If he were indeed the next leader of the Transalpine, it would still mean the jump from a whole generation Z. Humbert, who was born in ’98, looked great until a few months ago and after his victory in Halle in 2021 had increased. No. 25 ranking. His 2022, however, was disastrous: he only won two games in a row at Wimbledon, which he could not even take advantage of for the rankings, and actually fell to #152. Moutet, 23, and world number 102, has great talent but his physical and character limits are no secret.

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In May, the International d’Italia saw the presence of Spaniards (7), Americans (6), Argentines (4), etc. French Present? Zero. L’EquipeThen, he contacted jan de vito, former coach of Simon & Monfils. ,French men’s tennis changes direction every two or three years. We do something, then new people come and we do something different, If we want to create a program that puts players on top, it will take at least five years to see results, maybe eight or ten.“. According to Koch, born in Germany, the problem is not which system to use but not being in a hurry to choose one and change it. Be it outside help from the federation at the technical and economic level (Italy) or investment in internal structures (Canada).

However, the lowest point touched by the tennis movement of our little-loved cousins, coincided with Roland Garros 2021: No players in the third round (out of 29 – including women), in that case RMC Sport exposed the gap between the financial power of the French Federation (FFT) and the non-existent results on the ground. French newspaper listened to analyze the situation Patrice Hegelauer, National Technical Director from 2010 to 2013 and former player Gianni Minas“Baby Monfils” who retired last year at just 29 and never went past position number 219. Speaking of the latter, Hegelauer said: “We have thought a lot about some of the players. Technically he wasn’t good enough, so we didn’t really believe in his qualities and strengths“. In short, Even highly revolutionary technological conditions have undermined generational change,

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Mina confirmed the fact that she didn’t trust him and added another detail about those years: “In France we were in a period of overconfidence. We had to prepare for what was going to happen but there was a certain rest from both the players and the coaches. If there is no energy in the coaches, it is difficult to bring players to the highest level., Even the former president of FFT Guidecelli, recalling the years when he was a deputy and that was when Monfils & Co. They were still green, he told RMC of an era when the generation gap was already evident, but the focus was only on the present,

Too Tsonga Said after Roland Garroso Horrible Last year’s:The task of the federation should be to provide the means for smaller clubs to be able to better follow young people, wherever they are.“. In short, for the former No. 5 in the world, The FFT must look beyond the National Technical Center of Paris. who is trying to help the movement on her own all-in academy, founded together with Thierry Ascione (his former coach). After being a hero on the court, who knows he might not be the one to contribute to the new splendor of French men’s tennis. let it be oneAge des Lumires or a belle poquesmall changes,


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