Oreo is finally releasing gluten-free cookies

Oreo is finally releasing gluten-free cookies
Orio will release a gluten-free version of its traditional and double-stuffed cookies early next year. Brand, which is owned Mondelez (MDLZ)Announcing the news in a tweet, he said, “Favorite milk cookie, now in a gluten free version. Coming in January 2021.”

Gluten-free cookies in both cereals will be available forever, where the original Orios is sold, the company said.

“With the addition of the new line, Oreo invites gluten or gluten-free snacks to enjoy our cookies,” said a representative.

The company said it focuses on making sure the recipe “experiences a comparable snack in the original recipe.”

Cookies have been approved and certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America. This means that the gluten free label on each pack will be clear.

Orio fans made a fuss over the news on Twitter. Some people responded directly to Orio’s tweet that shared the news.

“I left my room to show my mom that Oreo released a gluten-free Oreo,” said Twitter user Bailey Cambra. “She thought I’d run to tell her I heard back from grade school, so she’s not as excited as I expected.”

Another Twitter user from 3 N3dablaine, tweeted, “Gluten free Orios coming out in January 2021 so I have high hopes for the year.”

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