“Our Commitment? Planting Virtual Trees” – Chronicle

The Cermec team of San Piero in Bagno, active since 1860

by Gilberto Moschonic

Since the recent COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, the Great of the Earth summit on the topic of climate change also sends input to Alto Savio. Bagno has a company in San Piero that has followed this event with particular attention. The great theme of the summit was to actually end net CO2 emissions by 2050, a theme that sees the company of the Ricci family – entrepreneurs passed from father to son since 1860 – with their Sermec for 30 years.

The company operates in the world of regeneration and has always promoted the circular economy: “Limiting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere has always been one of the objectives of Cermec’s work – the Ricci brothers, Alessandro, Giovanni, Stefano – add more. Contribution to this goal increases from year to year with the creation of a virtual forest composed of more than 200 thousand trees. No trees are planted in Sermec, but every year Sermec re-engineered its own re-engineered reconstruction of technical systems in the transportation sector. Contributes with the process. The reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere would be equivalent to a forest of 200,000 trees”.

The Ricci brothers then underline: “The commitment is now to continue to innovate and grow the virtual jungle, driven by a continual search for new talent and a commitment to train our partners, who are always in the best of a company’s characteristics.” Boasts a unique experience of deep-rooted people”.


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