Overshoot day 2021. One year renewable resources run out in Italy on 13 May

  Overshoot Day.  Italy has already exhausted the resources it can ask of the Earth

May 13, 2021 is Overshoot Day for Italy: we have exhausted the amount of resources that the planet is able to regenerate for the current year.

Four and a half months Out of twelve. Italy It has already exhausted the amount of natural resources that it can “ask” the planet. In just over a third of the current year, we have already so-called. Have reached Overshoot day. This means that, between now and the end of next December, we will continue to demand more from the Earth than we can give.

Coal Mines in China. The whole world uses far more natural resources than the Earth every year © China Photos / Getty Images

The overshoot day in 2020 was May 14

The date comes one day before 2020, when it was recorded on 14 May. Actually, every year Global footprint network, An international association for sustainability that deals with environmental accounting, calculates the ecological footprint of the planets to determine the overshoot day. “Day of overcoming” Of each nation. Comparison of ecological footprint The ability of its inhabitants and the planet to regenerate its resources.

In other words, ecosystems around the world will be able to recreate the resources that Italy has consumed so far. Which will not be possible for all those we use in the rest 2021. Our country, therefore, contributes heavily to the progressive exhaustion of natural resources Of the planet. And this is also confirmed by the fact that “only” came in the second half of August, the global overshoot day last year.

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Approximately three planets will be required to respond to Italy’s requests

This means that to answer the question of a country like Italy, About three planets will be required. In case of five United States of america, And for a little less L’Australia, Not in second place in the virtuous world rankings. Who sees the third place Russia, after France, Germany I Japan. Therefore our country is in the seventh place.


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