Petrol too expensive? Crazy idea, in Scotland they think of whiskey

 Petrol too expensive?  Crazy idea, in Scotland they think of whiskey

Put some whiskey in your engine. This is no hippie joke, in Scotland they are really raving about it.

There Celtic Renewable energy of Grangemouth is trying to produce effectively biobutanol As an alternative to diesel and petrol for internal combustion engines. And so far nothing new.

Specification of The company’s biobutanol is made through the processing of scrap from the production of Scottish malt.

Precious distillation obtained from fermentation and subsequent distillation of various grains matured in wooden barrels is not used, but unused residues are used.

In 2017 Celtic Renewables acquired a fuel capable of running a conventional engine, and in October 2021 it inaugurated its first refinery dedicated exclusively to the production of biobutanol. anyway who emits carbon dioxide.

Another Distilleria, a High Solution

separate speech for Glenfiddich From duftownspecialist in whiskey distillation, which is customize your trucks for delivery in such a way that they can Distillation by-products work with biogas.

Thanks for this solution, Glenfiddich claims to be successful Reduce your truck fleet’s carbon dioxide emissions by more than 95%, There is no shortage of ideas.

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