Poisoning in Rome, Gualtieri Junta. External Evaluator: “Democratic Party Controls Us”

  Poisoning in Rome, Gualtieri Junta.  External Evaluator:


The Democratic Party of Rome built a parallel structure to overlap with those of Zavi, Lucarelli and Segnini.

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Commerce, Heritage, Public Works: This is how Dams place their officers in the staff and secretariat to manage the most strategic areas of the capital

The Capitol has a parallel structure. A very centralized hinge built into the PD. Some of Mayor Roberto Gualtieri’s new councillors, in private, already complain: “But are they controlling us?”. However, as he explained to him before he even stepped foot, it’s part of the rules of engagement: You come in, okay, but we let your employees decide. This is especially true for those who have heavy proxies and are not members of the Democratic Party. According to the famous mapping created by Fabrizio Barca to picture the Democratic Party after the investigation of the Middle World, “a party of power for the sake of power”. Now the personnel of the command of the Dame move to the area of ​​the deputy (formerly the Young Turks). Claudio Mancini, The mayor’s right and left hands. Already at home on the Via XX Cetembre when Gualtieri was economy minister. So go through the first proposals (technically they are called Article 90) with recruiting employees to notice these “man markings” in strategic departments. it happens ornella signal, “Our Lady of Roads and Holes”. A super tech: He comes from the Ministry of Transport as a retired general manager. He is the councilor for public works. In the team he has, among others, emiliano ciacia, IV former PD chairman of the municipality (47 thousand euros per year). Monica Lucarelli, on the other hand, owns commerce: she was the head of the Youth of Confindustria, worked as a manager for Fiat and Italo. The Democratic Party has imposed on his Jacopo Pescatelli (43 thousand euros) the outgoing Dame Councilor at the first town hall.

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Commissioner of lucarelli, they call it, continues with the presence of Emanuela Mino, a trusted lady of deputy Mancini, former chairman of the Council of the XI Town Hall. This big employment office has capital – it’s always been with the councils settlement, most recently with Virginia Raggi and it’s always written in the newspapers with fierce comments from the Democratic Party – there are other departments that end up Has gone under the supervision of Dame. Tobia Zevi, As an independent candidate in the center’s primaries for mayor, he now has a nerve center in the capital at hand. He is the Councilor for Heritage and Housing Policies. These are very heavy delegations: all residential and commercial properties of “Mamma Roma” are included. In addition, he takes care of a “home” in a city where eviction and occupation are a social emergency. And then there are “nolegiopoli” scandals with often derisive charges and interactions with the cultural realities that demand public spaces to be managed. Therefore, a large part of Gualtieri’s consensus goes through parental and housing policies. This will be the test case for Center Left. But also a window on power. The Democratic Party has kept Carlo Mazzei, Also very close to Deputy Mancini, secretary of the San Giovanni club. He will be the Chief of Staff of the JV. The resolution with remuneration has not yet been passed. This is one of those waiting to be approved. Alessandro Onorato, a seasoned Roman politician, is in charge of sports and major events: at the moment he is waiting to compose the team that will help him manage another very delicate area. Will the party tents reach him or will he enjoy more autonomy because he was the architect of the pro-Gualtieri civic list?

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In father uncle Secretariat, the very hot spot of control, also happens to find interesting injections of Dame. Sabrina Alphonsi, An anthropologist who promised to rid Rome of garbage by Christmas remembered his old friends. Valerio Barletta, the former mini-mayor of the 14th Town Hall, will be their chief (91,089 euros). Alphonsi was accompanied by his former councilor in the first town hall. Anna Vincenzonik (57 thousand euros) and Antonella Liardo (43 thousand euros) who followed Albino Ruberti, the head of the cabinet, from the Zingaretti area to the Gualtieri capital.

Then, of course, there’surban planning, Relationships with big investors, projects that have been waiting in drawers for years, builders that demand the right attention after years of total neglect. This track leads to trains that count (between Expo and Jubilee) and probably also to the mayor’s major electorate. he takes care of it Maurizio Velocia, a former chairman of the municipality of the Democratic Party, was the second of those elected in the previous municipality. The intention of the leaders of the Roman Democratic Party, which now has its headquarters in the municipality, is to be “helped” by Fabio Bellini, a former regional councilor of the Democratic Party and already a young Turk at the time of the current leadership. by Matteo Orfini. This deputy is another very loyal member of Mancini, a man of command and management of the administration. Deputy mayor and budget chief Sylvia Skócz seems to have been more autonomous in her choices so far. He chose as chief of staff for Francesco Panetti (91 thousand euros), former deputy chief of the cabinet of the Minister of the South Mara Carafgana. The appointments in the offices of the departments are still in their infancy. As well as some “marks” under the motto: Careful councillor, the Democratic Party sees you.


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