polystyrene boxes, it’s over

polystyrene boxes, it's over

No more yellow polystyrene box. Icons of popular culture and fast food, polystyrene kebab boxes banned from ThursdayIs July, as provided for in an anti-waste law aimed at phasing out single-use plastics in 2020.

“It is a material that takes 1,000 years to decompose itself in the environment, when a plastic bag takes 450 years”, in Hauts-de-Seine, the ecological transition from a wholesale sign in Nanterre points to Minister Barbara Pompilly. Every year you have 350 million kebabs that are consumed, which makes 11 per second”, he added to the recyclable options now offered, such as cardboard boxes, pulp or expanded polypropylene.

“We’re not looking for a perfect solution right now, but it’s a step forward”, admits Barbara Pompilly, before going to a fast-food restaurant to see the application of this remedy, and to taste the kebabs themselves. ” completely “ With the traditional salad-tomato-onion trio.

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“It puts traders in trouble”

For Selim, the manager of kebabs in Paris near Montparnasse, this ban “not good news” financially. He plans to replace the iconic yellow polystyrene box with a cardboard box, but it will cost him two and a half to three times more. “The government keeps on imposing environmental standards on us, but without realizing that sometimes it puts the traders in trouble. The only way I have not to lose money is to raise the prices, but I don’t want to.”, he explains, resigned, to the cross.

In addition to kebabs, 1. Polystyrene packaging will no longer be available in all fast food restaurants.Is July. The Anti-Waste Law for the Circular Economy (AGEC), passed in February 2020, requires moving towards 100% recycling of single-use plastic packaging by 2025.

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