Populists are crooks (but their followers deserve to be heard and respected)

Populists are crooks (but their followers deserve to be heard and respected)


Populist democracy flourishes when a large group of citizens feel that their values ​​and interests have been ignored by politics

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Populist democracy flourishes when a large group of citizens feel that their values ​​and interests have been ignored by politics

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Donald Trump is the first true democracy to become President of the United States. But politicians who claim to be a group of citizens who feel helpless in front of them The establishment Corrupt historically famous America Both at the state and local level. As a political form, populist democracy flourishes when large groups of citizens feel that their values ​​and interests are ignored by politics.

At the end of the next phase of the American Civil War, known as the Age of Reconstruction, the so-called Bourbon Democrats are aristocratic descendants of slave owners before the war And their allies, they dominated the governments of the southern states from Virginia to Texas. L ‘Bourbon Oligarchy It designed many of the poorest whites (a tax on those admitted to vote) of the right to deny voting to all blacks in the South, designed to suppress voting by literacy testing and other means. As a result, the Republican Party was virtually abolished from the South. The democratic monopoly on political power served to maintain a repressive version of the plantation economy, based on forms of work – such as the practice of sharing and criminal release (prisoners sold to employers). Of work) – which traps both whites and blacks.

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Southern oligarchic politics propagated as populist democracies, whose political base was from small peasants and working class whites. Despite their aristocratic backgrounds, many southern democracies were separated from the sly ruling class by their crude language and entertainment campaigns. In South Carolina, Governor Benjamin R. Tillman earned the nickname “Pitchfork Ben” after attacking President Grover Cleveland in such a way: “I’m going to tie my pitchers in my thick old ribs!” In Texas, 300 pounds (about 130 kg), James Stephen Hogg symbolized the pig’s successful campaign to become governor.

Many Southern democracies used racism to attract non-wealthy whites related to black competition. In Mississippi, Governor and later US Senator James K. Vardaman called himself the “Great White Chief” and showed his commitment to his supremacy by wearing white clothes and riding a bullock cart. Whites. On the other hand, proved to be opportunistic. In the early 20th century, Tom Watson’s Georgia He first welcomed black support, then defended white supremacy. Generations later, Alabama Governor George Wallace associated his name with separatists before turning from a wheelchair to black voters at the end of his career after surviving an assassination attempt.

In addition, many populist democracies condemned urban commercial and banking institutions as well as large corporations, often located to the north of the United States, that dominated the economies of their states. Other democracies, such as Texas Governor W. Lee “Pappy” O’Daniel of Texas, a Hillbilly radio star who became governor of Texas and an American senator, were prominent figures for major corporations and the rich. Southern democracies generally abandoned their followers and joined the establishment. Sometimes he established family dynasties in state politics. Hui p Long of Louisiana, “The Kingfish”, whose slogan was “Every Man a King”, became the Governor and then Senator of the United States. Murdered in 1935, Long was later succeeded as governor in the United States Senate by his brother Earl and his son Russell.

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