Positive to do, which means close contact – Eco di Savona

Positive to do, which means close contact - Eco di Savona

Home is where you are most infected. This is bad for the positive, they have to stay in their room, they bring food or other essential things, leaving them at the door, they have to wear a mask even at home and family members are in quarantine (14 days) should remain. It is usually asymptomatic (without symptoms) that infects the virus (healthy carriers, just 15 ‘together), usually it is young people at home. The most dangerous points are bathrooms and showers (the virus is especially spread with feces) Ideal would be to have a dedicated bathroom or pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness. Symptoms: fever, cough, smell and loss of taste. Vomiting and diarrhea for the younger ones as well. In this situation, firstly, clearly mask and distance. It is important to give the patient all possible certainties, not to show fear, anxiety. Fear is the notion of being kept in the dark, not of understanding, of knowing things, not of telling the truth. The elderly also have double cheating, just being in isolation has a negative effect on the brain, being afraid to meet someone is bad, being alone is loneliness, worse. Especially after the age of 75. To strengthen goodness (all), take care of appearance, mood and memory, do gymnastics after ad hoc online programs or go around the house several times, get up and sit (5 times) 4/5 times a day. It is also useful to call 4/5 a day to maintain relationships, to read better, to get better, a couple of pages and to mentally repeat what you have read. Starting on Monday the 26th, opening for the Yellow and Orange regions, but free to all, an argumentative risk, prudent optimism, to a better position. There are 16,000 new positives and 429 deaths over the period of observation, but the hospital is overloaded, while EMI evaluates the Johnson vaccine and it is good to say that vaccines are prepared and approved in the event of an emergency, so their attention and attention Followed with caution. In vaccination in Italy, a good 75% has been reached in the 80s, it rises to the 70s / 80s, while reservations begin for the remaining classes. Until infections are included, restaurants will resume with lunches and dinners for outdoor spaces, schools and museums. La Meloni, critic for myopia; Provided that the infections are contained, the government, which will endanger the municipalities for requests for open spaces. On the other hand, schools are in trouble due to unresolved deficiencies in transportation, and road deficiencies as the measures do not meet the needs, requests of the respective categories. Choices are difficult, it is not easy to please everyone, always says yes means to make mistakes. Eventually, the country hopes for help in the arrival of summer, for the descent of the parameters. For the movement of people, a European green passport is studied beginning in July, and an Italian one for travel between regions beginning in June, with a negative vaccination or with a certificate. Dhani expects a clear recovery from the economy in view of planned expansion assistance. Situation in standby, due to a moral / religious problem rather than Italian, is not an easy solution. Philip’s funeral, as requested by him, would take place privately and some jokes could be said to be equivalent to the sentiments of Hong Kong (formerly a British colony, Hong Kong), rather than the United Kingdom, which now stands for China. is. Weathered between The United States and Russia also laid stress on the situation in Israel and Iran, Ukraine and Afghanistan. Great powers are committed to finding solutions that are not simple.

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