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JLA di Grant Morrison #1: elogio del fantastico

The Hyperklan, a mysterious group of aliens that have descended on our planet, proclaim themselves to be the solvers of Earth’s long-standing problems, but the behavior of these creatures doesn’t convince Superman and the other members of the Justice League. The result is also a media confrontation between the two teams, while the Earthlings strongly support the work of the alleged saviors.
Grant Morrison Brings together the world’s mightiest heroes to revive JLA at its best: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter, each of whom Scottish screenwriters use to develop their own specialties. Manages to provide the necessary space for , forming a heterogeneous and balanced team.

The story’s set danger and tone make up the quintessence of a fantastic narrative, with clear references to classic science fiction and an immediate narrative., postmodern and devoid of the multidimensional elements for which Morrison is often remembered; In this case we are facing A superhero comic in the purest and truest senseWhich is still both fresh and present today.

Howard Porter Pencil makes perfect contribution to these environments, well supported by ink john dale: The characters are powerfully embodied in their close-ups, very detailed, and the action scenes are effective without glossing over for dynamic.
We appreciate the vision with which the artist has represented the features of Hyperklanwhose components are a. is honored by character design Rather interesting, clear and reasoned, and the ability to clearly put some fight scenes and some decidedly suggestive settings on paper.
In the end, the grid appears quite independent, in terms of the firm’s desire, daughter of those years, but in part at the expense of the table’s clean legibility.
new version Sandwichinside the necklace dc best sellerA good solution for a series born to become pop in an economic format, in the broadest sense of the word.

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we talked about:
JLA #1 by Grant Morrison
Grant Morrison, Howard Porter, John Dell, Herdick Edge, Pat Garraho
translation by lorenzo cortia
Panini Comics, September 2022
96 pages, paperback, color – €4.90
ISSN: 97720395360320028



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