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Casa prefabbricata di Inverlonan

Innovation is not just about creating new things, it can also mean giving new uses to elements, materials or designs that were originally used for other things. This is the philosophy he followed inverlonenA Scottish property that aims to attract tourists who want to get to know the rural world without needing to give up the many comforts of our daily lives.

Recently opened, it offers two Mini Prefab House They perfectly combine rustic design and comfort and are inspired by typical Scottish rural buildings that are referred to as “both”. The all-inclusive retreat is located ScotlandOn the banks of the remote Loch Nell, just a few hours’ drive northwest of Glasgow.

The original structures had the function of hosting shepherds and agricultural laborers during periods of inclement weather, which is frequent in this part of the world. In recent years, many of these structures have become shelters for hikers and travelers who venture into remote parts of the UK. Inverlonen’s “both” are completely unconventional, but offer enough comfort to offer a luxurious stay.

design of mini prefabricated house Established in Inverlonen is the work of a UK based studio Bothie StoreNamed after the Gaelic word Usge Beetha (Ush-ka Be-ah), which translates as “water of life”. “We have ensured that the unique structure of each of the two mini houses connects to the surrounding nature, making them as stunning as they are sensitive to the environment. Intimate, attentive, warm and distinctly Scottish,” he explains Huh.

two mini prefabricated house Tourists are built in similar styles while maintaining an individual character. one of two,Usge Bothi, is situated in the hills overlooking Loch Nell. The structure is covered in copper colored corten steel and covered in wood. second, called betha bothiCovered with black tin panels.

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Raw luxury drives the interior design of each property and both feature a mix of locally made furniture and decor. Simple thatched ceilings, skylights, and floor-to-ceiling windows open up the modest living space, which includes a king-size bed, wood-burning stove, Scandinavian-style sofas, rustic wood furniture, and some carpeting.

Outside, each mini prefabricated house has its own private terrace, an outdoor wood-burning pizza oven, an eclectic bathroom, and an outdoor shower. To ensure maximum peace of mind, the mini prefab house is accessible only on foot or by boat. It aims to allow visitors to immerse themselves in the serenity of the Scottish landscape.


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