Premier de Cru: “We must face the climate crisis together or we won’t win the battle”

Premier de Cru:

Premier de Cru also said in Glasgow that Belgium is relying on alternative, sustainable and environmentally friendly forms of energy, such as wind power and “green” hydrogen on the high seas, in the fight against climate change.

He began his speech at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, but by saying that it is necessary to take action now that more and more extreme weather conditions and natural disasters are occurring. The situation is the same in Belgium, De Cru mentions of flooding in mid-July after extremely heavy rains.

“It used to be something that we only used to watch on TV, but now it happens to us too. We had air conditioners first in our history, ”says De Crew immediately.

Alexander de Cru called on other major economies to join the EU’s climate ambitions: “It is about protecting communities, building a new economy, creating new jobs and building on green economic growth.” “

This new economy must be inclusive: “We have to make sure everyone is on board. Climate change is not for people in rich countries, because in that case we will fail. We have to face the climate crisis together or else we will.” Won’t win the battle.”

At the end of his address at the climate summit in Glasgow, de Crew called for concrete action already here: “After speeches and ambitions, it is time for action. Political will must come. That is why we are here in Glasgow.” Let us find this will and start turning the tide!”

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