Premier League, Di Canio and English Stadium: Exclusive Sky Sport

Premier League, Di Canio and English Stadium: Exclusive Sky Sport

Appointment with “Di Canio Premiere Special” on Christmas Day for the long trip to UK stadiums. Saturday 25 December on Sky Sport 24 at 2 pm and Sky Sport Football at 9 pm. available on demand

Italian Bombers at the Premiere, Top 10. Photos

A footballer and a coach experience the stadium very differently from a fan. Even more so now, in times like these – at least in the United Kingdom – the fan comes on at the last minute, or in any case just before kick-off. How many times, in the studio’s link before the live, we see Semi-desert stands still 15 minutes from the start, Inside, there are only tourists, eager to remember the specifics of certain places or the first seconds of the game. Others hurry after swallowing the last bite Or the last sip. On the other hand, coaches and players have different approaches and techniques.: The approach is armored, on the coach, the entrance is separate, often from a ramp that leads into the basement at the new Tottenham Stadium, and the faces that present themselves are those of the attendants and the stewards, when you are away, They may not be very friendly either.

It is one of the possibilities that Paolo Di Canio returns in the Christmas episode of his premiere special, titled “English Stadium: Emotions and Tradition”, broadcast today at 14 on Sky Sport 24 and at 21 Su Sky Sport Football It is available on demand,

most beautiful plants

one trip most beautiful plants in the world that there are, as Di Canio defines them, which in addition Bolin GroundWest Ham has played more games than any other stadium. And The description of Journey to Heart’s Place, accompanied by censures in people’s faces, at the entrance and in the corridors of the changing rooms, accompanied by the sound of cleats to celebrate the imminence of a competitive symphony, is one of the highlights of an episode in which Di Canio also recounts. Enmity seen on the street M.A turn into inspiration, nostalgia for English football’s iconic venue and facilities which may be inconvenient for fans, as they were built economically and with maximum use of every venue, but represented, viewed from the field, maximum competitive spirit elements of. are something like White Hart Lane and Highbury, there are more, while others prefer Old Trafford and Goodison Park They resist, even if in the second case it is the last year of use.

Stadium construction: profit at the cost of beauty

Simon Inglis, author of seminal books on the origin, history and context in which English stadiums originated, made a very important contribution in cataloging this episode. The criteria that architects had to follow earlier in building the system, first or first, Archibald Leach, the Scotsman who between one mistake and another He designed the most important stadiums In the first decades of English football. Very interesting, Inglis’s words, because they help to understand how The origins of those systems did not meet the ideal but very practical criteria., in an industrial-age UK whose aim was to achieve profit rather than aesthetics. review also touches Modern Stadium and Wembley (to which Fabio Capello intervenes), with contributions from fans and club managers, developing into a A mix of nostalgia, great atmosphere appeal and insightful description, of the people who enter those structures to follow the games and sometimes have a less romantic and more concrete vision than us. Curious, though, that two Spurs fans said in interviews that… well, let’s stop here. Otherwise we will taste the surprise.

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