Premier Vision sets guidelines for entering a changing and complex world

Premier Vision sets guidelines for entering a changing and complex world

A thousand companies on the Milano Unica calendar, of which three hundred Italian, outnumber the French themselves, participated in the latest edition of Premiere Vision, which ended yesterday and which ended a few days later, Review of Clothing and Accessories. Nesatex, Tessitura Rossi, Tessutti and Tessutti, Staff Jersey, Texkart, Unizip Modena, Vercotex, Redmark, Cadica, Manifatura Modnées, Crafandco, GSM Crystal Emotion and Recca Menetti participated from the Carpi district. Fashion Consultant and Educator Emanuela Contini gives us a brief description of it below.

Première Vision did not, as usual, propose a mood or precise settings to envision next Spring/Summer 2023. Paris Review gives us guidelines by telling us how our collections should fit into the best in the world around us which is changing very quickly. A complex world in which the real and the virtual, the natural and the artificial, the slow and the fast, the sustainable and the trivial interact with each other. The relationship between nature and technology, creation and innovation, will serve as an aesthetic reference and an essential and innovative tool. The new season feeds on the dialogue between these different perspectives, drawing on common sense, emotion, and intuition, in a virtuous approach to design and the relentless pursuit of a balance between the frivolity and lightness of fashion. Solid and vibrant potential for dialogue between practicality and light-heartedness, which does not neglect sustainability, will be the key to leading the textile sector to new areas, new materials, new creativity.

natural, sensitive, alive

The S / S 2023 palette touches on different worlds: from the infinite depths of nature to the vastness of the digital world. Colors inherent in nature, delicate colors, vibrant colors coexist. The east symbolizes the physical aspect of the earth and the colors drawn from the plant world. The colors draw from the natural plant world, enhancing the earth tones. The colors transcend the seasons fused with a soft and delicate organic and fleshy cosmos. Exact references to natural elements: seaweed, fungus, plants, sand. This range consists of natural dyes derived from sustainable dyes. This category also includes non-colored raw dyes. Delicate colors reveal softer hues going from blue to pink in various shades. The tones embody an intimate softness, varying from warm to cool tones, with darker and lighter hues.
Blue colors help us visualize cosmic infinity and the mysterious depths of the abyss, while soft and fleshy pink binds us to human emotions. The latest colors come alive with intense and digital brilliance. The palette is illuminated by Optical White, activated by floral tones and intensified by digital aspects; Some colors are acidic and there are technical references to the brightness of white; The palette goes beyond the classic range of summer, going further, envisioning a happy, dynamic and energized season. The most important color ranges are those that range from very light to deep blue and pink, ranging from leathery to fuchsia, from coral to deep pink. A palette of blues combined with green, here also both bright and deep, is proposed for active sports collections. Surfaces with metallic colors and aqueous reflections are confirmed. Metallic effects, coatings and plating are still in the foreground, as seen in Milano Unica and Pitti Filti. This duality is very evident in the hands of aspects and materials, which is the leitmotif of premire vision. In fact, soft, fluid and silky hands coexist with the more rigid, papery and wavy aspects. Sustainability tends to be associated with raw, rustic, non-colour looking materials, but there are plenty of shiny and metallic jacquards with designs that are not only tone-on-tone but also intrusive. Even lace and embroidery range from handcrafted motifs in natural fibers to lingerie images, lightweight and silky and lustrous. Like Milano Unica, there’s no shortage of flamboyant aspects and summer tweed. Floral inspiration, mixed with delicate tones and spots like ocean waves for prints. Streaks with both fine and strong contrasting tones, Summer Scottish with desert, sandy tones.

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