Prince Charles in Scotland for Royal Week (after shadowing charities) –

Prince Charles in Scotland for Royal Week (after shadows over charity) -
From Enrica Roddolo

The Prince at the Order of the Thistle ceremony after welcoming guests to Scotland’s Summer Royal Garden Party yesterday. First public appearance after revelations

The royal family’s royal week in Edinburgh – launched earlier in the week by the Queen, who despite mobility problems makes periodic visits to the Highlands like every summer – marks the Prince of Wales’s first test with the public since the shadow also their donations poured by the investigation Sunday Times,

New images of the sovereign in Scotland if on the one hand reassuring The good health of the 96-year-old Queen, who has often had to miss royal engagements in recent weeks due to movement difficulties and frail health from age, has also helped deflect attention from the uncomfortable revelations about Carlo.

So today Prince Charles – who uses the title Duke of Rothesay in Scotland – made a discreet visit to St Charles’ Cathedral For the oldest and most illustrious of the rites, the Order of the Thistle of Scotland (which refers to the images and garments of the Garter, instead of which it has a temple at Windsor).

And so yesterday Queen Elizabeth’s son welcomed guests to a Royal Garden Party at Holyroodhouse Where one of 3-4 royal summer parties is traditionally held at the invitation of the Windsors, who betray thoughts of anxiety behind a confident gaze.

enough to generate more than one concern in a country The euphoria of the platinum jubilee is relieved but Brexit is coming out of play with various open-ended consequences. At home and in the countries of the Commonwealth: only days before the heir to the throne had to face the republican impulses of the various countries of the network of nations, the heir to the empire – at the Kigali summit in Rwanda – had to make it clear that: each member ( The determination of the Commonwealth’s (of) whether it is for a republic or a monarchy is a highly autonomous question, each one decides. Wisdom gained over time tells me that these adjustments can be made without rancor in the name of change.

Prince Charles spoke before representatives of the larger Commonwealth network (at the 26th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda) representing the Queen, but also (already hinted at) as a future Head of the Commonwealth, acknowledging the fact that the Crown may have different contours in the future.

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