Prince William to conduct BBC documentary on environmental protection – dpa

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TookONDN (AP) – Weeks ahead of the start of the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, the royals are raising their commitment to environmental protection on television.

Prince William (39) is teaming up with nature filmmaker David Attenborough (95) to host a new BBC documentary. From October 3, “pioneers” of environmental protection will be presented who have found innovative solutions to the most pressing climate problems.

He is the winner of the Environment Award given by the oldest grandson of the Queen. “This is a moment of hope, not of fear,” William said in a trailer released on Saturday. That’s why they launched the EarthShot Prize, the “most ambitious environmental award in history.” It takes “a decade of action” to repair the earth, William said.

Her father, Prince Charles, 72, also relies on television for climate protection. The heir to the throne launched a channel on the Amazon Prime streaming service focusing on climate change issues. RE:TV seeks to present projects around the world that can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable economy. Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son called for “action now” and addressing the problems of the planet’s future. New movies are planned, but also existing content.

“I’ve spent a lot of my life getting people and companies excited about the problems and solutions to the climate crisis,” Charles said. RE: TV should capture the will and imagination of humanity and work towards the most inspiring solutions for sustainability around the world.”


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