Queen absent from Scottish Games for first time in 70-year reign – Corriere.it

Queen absent from Scottish Games for the first time in 70 years - Corriere.it
From Enrica Roddolo

At Balmoral on Tuesday the 6th he will meet the outgoing Prime Minister Johnson and then the new one: for the first time in Scotland rather than London. To avoid last-minute changes of plans, they call no emergencies to the court. Elisabetta will also skip the Bremer gatherings that have always been on her agenda

Rani will not be there. For the first time in 70 years of reign, a traditional appointment in Scotland with the Bremer Gathering: an appointment with games, dancing in the village of Bremer, 60 miles from Aberdeen, not 60 miles from the Balmoral estate where Elizabeth II is spending the summer. The games were already the passion of Queen Victoria, who started following them from 1848.

in Scotland where he will receive outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday 6 September Then to closely meet the new one. The godmother of a typical Scottish event, over the years the Queen has often been photographed laughing her heart out at games. First with her accompanied by Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, then with Prince Charles the heir to the throne who will host the Bremer Gatherings this year for the first time without the Queen (and will almost certainly be flanked by future Queen Consort, Camilla ).

The Queen has never missed a game in Scotland since her coronation in 1953, But he did not miss the Thanksgiving Mass for the Jubilee at St. Paul’s. As it was forced to do last June due to mobility problems. heard a long time ago Courier Historian Hugo Vickers, who has always been very knowledgeable about the affairs of the Windsor, said: The Queen is 96, lest she travels to London. And then the new Prime Minister would be the only person in history to get a job at Balmoral, thus allaying fears of the Queen’s health problems. The Queen will meet outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson at Balmoral next Tuesday. And shortly after he will hold his first audience with the new premier, Buckingham Palace confirmed after rumors that Balmoral, rather than London, had been given the option of handing over the new post for days.

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Buckingham Palace therefore confirms the Queen will not travel to London for the relay at 10 Downing Street, as well as assures the sovereign’s health. Because they would not be immediate health problems but prudence – to avoid changing plans at the last minute due to a motor difficulty of the sovereign.

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