Queen Elizabeth arrives in Scotland for Royal Week

Queen Elizabeth arrives in Scotland for Royal Week

There Queen Elizabeth Attended the ceremony of keys which officially opens royal week in Scotland. A visit was announced on the morning of 27 June with very short hours’ notice, as has been the practice for some time at Buckingham Palace. The priority is the sovereign’s health, which should be preserved with comfort and not with too burdensome commitments. It will not allow official appointments to be scheduled in advance. Her Majesty’s lively spirit, however, passed during the smile she gaveCompetition and even managed to overshadow the uncomfortable presence of stick,

function of keys

On June 27, 2022, under a lead sky and a thin rain (which we are a bit jealous of considering the heat wave that overwhelmed Italy) Queen Elizabeth arrived and attended Edinburgh function of keys, held in front of the Holyroodhouse residence. The event officially opens Royal Week, the period of time that the monarch traditionally spends in Scotland between late June and early July. was next to him Prince EdwardWho inspected the guard of honor instead of Mother and Sophie of Wessex.

The sovereign appeared in a celestial dress, with three strings of pearls around his neck and the staff who often accompanies him in the performance of his public duties. cheerful during the incident. Protocol and tradition dictate that the Lord Provost hand over the keys to him Edinburgh with this Formula, “We, the Lord Provost and members of the Edinburgh City Council, welcome Her Majesty to the capital city of the old hereditary Kingdom of Scotland and present Her Majesty the keys to the beautiful city of Edinburgh for her grand welcome.”

Queen Elizabeth must return the keys, responding: “I return these keys with the conviction that they cannot be placed in better hands than the Lord Provost and the council of my beautiful city of Edinburgh.” Queen Elizabeth will be in Scotland until next July 1 and for now, we only know if she will attend Celebration of the Armed Forces scheduled for June 28, 2022. The Palace will announce in due course any subsequent public commitments for which Your Excellency Will decide to attend. Everything will depend on the opinion of the doctors and the physical condition of the queen.

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Brooch “With a sentimental value”

Once again Queen Elizabeth delivered a message through a brooch. during function of keys He has given two invaluable historical, economic and “Emotional”as reported byExpress, Both are a clear tribute to Scotland. first on top Page Instagram “British Royal Jewels” writes: “The coat of arms is made in the shape of St Andrew’s Cross and [vi compare] The Rampant Lion of the Royal Standard of Scotland carried a crown and the regimental motto ‘Nemo me impune lasit’ (No one attacks me with impunity). Rani is the Colonel-in-Chief of the regiment. Scottish.

another broochInstead, it bears the emblem of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, that is, the infantry regiment established in 1881 and joined with the Royal Regiment of Scotland on March 28, 2006. Originally the daughter of Princess Louise, Colonel-in-Chief of The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Queen Victoria, The regiment was created in his honor and, in fact, is present on the double coat of arms. “Ale” Above a crown, while on the left we find the head of a boar (from the coat of arms of Argyll) and on the right a cat (from the coat of arms of Sutherland). The symbol is surrounded by a thistle wreath. It was Princess Louise who designed it and today Queen Elizabeth wears it with pride that age and mobility issues have not lingered.


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