Queen Elizabeth visiting the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh

Queen Elizabeth visiting the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh

“Wonderful country, it’s the people who make the difference,” said an unusually indifferent sovereign

Green coat and hat, slow but sure pace. Queen Elizabeth has arrived in Edinburgh to visit the Scottish Parliament and deliver a keynote address. The elderly sovereign’s presence is particularly important as Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish government seeks a new referendum on independence from London at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

beautiful scottish memories

Perhaps out of compassion for the Scottish people, the Queen indulged in an unusual emotional memory. In her speech at the opening of a new session of the Scottish Parliament, Elizabeth II said, “It is often said that people make a place. And there are very few places compared to Scotland where this is true.” “I have spoken many times about my long and deep affection for this wonderful country and the many fond memories that Prince Philip and I had of our time here”, Sovereign quoted her late husband and their vacation in Balmoral. Said happened.

uncertain future for the state

Along with Charles and Camilla, the Queen also spoke about the November COP26 conference in Glasgow. “The eyes of the world will be on the UK and Scotland as leaders from around the world come together to discuss how to tackle the challenge of climate change,” Elizabeth told SkyNews.


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