RaiPlay Celebrates International Earth Day with a Multimedia Marathon

RaiPlay celebra la giornata internazionale della Terra con una maratona multimediale

This year 22 April We will celebrate 51Th International Day Earth, With the hashtag #OnePeopleOnePlanetMarathon streaming on channel Raipal. The day began in 1970 with collaboration between countries around the world. It was disrupted in 2020 due to the epidemic and was done electronically and online to make it accessible to all.

Young people in particular will participate, with the project “Young for earth“Who will be able to contribute, and Children Sensitizing them on the problem of schools, for which it mainly addresses Climate change And how important contact with nature is, a generator of eco-sustainability. Will be different Podcast, Live links and various entertainment.

Various associations will be linked from all over the world, Pope Francesco One of the spokespersons, and will be attended by famous singers, great sports players, athletes, scientists, journalists, activists and great people world Who fight every day for the safety and well-being of the world Terra, With appropriate tools for biodiversity and sustainable development and innovation.

Its purpose is 2030, To mark climate change, to do something, and to have conflicts between countries for conflicts, life stories, civil battles, local and global dimensions, perspectives and Future scenario. In addition to a model of sustainable development, such as Kitchen, It becomes healthy for all.

Need change complete, So that‘Economy Be in support of the citizen. In this regard, the subject of Brotherhood, Between humans, and industrialization, on the fight against profit, which puts the environment at serious risk.

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But the youth will speak Climate conference It will be held in Scotland in November. You can connect live on the platform onepeopleoneplanet.it 7.30 to 20.30.


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