Raise your hand for a circular economy

Raise your hand for a circular economy

Switzerland transition to circular economy The initiative is dedicated to supporting startups that can accelerate the country’s transition to circularity.

It has brought in more than 50 startups circular economy incubator program, with the latest group of 33 due to launch a three-month hybrid incubator next week. Understand mycelium mission, which turns waste into new and valuable resources; and digital platforms such as things, And wsort, which identifies the circular potential of goods and guides businesses and consumers toward means by which they can “produce and consume more sustainably”.

“The hybrid program format simplifies participation for all regions of the country and increases flexibility for all participants. The central point of interaction is the digital ‘self-learning tool’, which includes all the critical content and tools of the programme, and which Startups develop important milestones with their mentors,” explained Noura Basar, coordinator from the organizer of the Impact.Hub program. Switzerland.

The transition to a circular economy, supported by organizations such as Mawa Foundationhandjob UBS, And swisscom, reflecting the culture of innovation that places Switzerland at the top of the global innovation league.

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Appeal to the pioneers of the circular

NS Flyer Accelerator ’22 It was launched this year by Accenture in collaboration with the World Economic Forum. The six-month program is designed to catalyze actions that can accelerate the global transition to a circular and fair economy.

Shipping & Delivery This will be reviewed in two phases. Stage 1 opens on September 1. Successful applicants will proceed to Step 2 and receive additional questions regarding their solution. Phase 2 is expected to open from October 1. All submissions will end on November 1.

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