Ranger wanted on the Scottish island of Handa. 10 days left to apply


The wild and beautiful island of Handa, off the west coast of Scotland, is looking for a ranger. Here is the announcement.

The Isle of Handa Nature Reserve along the Scottish Sutherland coast has published a Interesting job advertisement with accommodation in offer.

wildlife ranger On the Scottish island, this is a description of a job position that requires a driver’s license and a car to make it possible to access and monitor all points along the island’s coasts. The candidate will be required to undertake tasks ranging from wildlife control to coordinating the volunteer team, including the organization of activities at the site.

Don’t worry about accommodation as the island offers a cottage For the respective entire period which runs from March to September 2022.

If you are interested in the offer, you will find it here all requirements It is necessary to apply. a’unique opportunity Not indifferent to all nature lovers and scholars amidst breathtaking Scottish landscapes and a variety of marine species.

Source: Scottish Wildlife Trust

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