Raveena Romagnano Matarello Cycle Path: Priority of district

Fugatti meets the Mayor of Lucerne:

The bicycle / walking path connects Raveena and Romagnano with the materielo It is one of the priorities indicated by the district among public works to be included in the municipal budget.

Deadline to submit request It’s June 20, But already in late April the city council will vote on the report for the year 2020. We are in an era of pandemics, it is also close Collapse of city economy And here is how the Municipal Corporation Administration would like to increase the speed of time within the stipulated timeframe.

Almost treasured in inheritance from last year’s budget 28 million euros Which would allow the attainment of works which would otherwise be postponed.



Others Preferences indicated by District Council To create a public domain shared by both People living on former Archaea land whose fate has been discussed for years, but never decided.

Proposed redevelopment of Raveena’s square With the first intervention reserved for the remodeling of the floor; Then a restoration with parking in the fire brigade’s barrack Belvedere Terrain and Romagnano’s Park.

In general, the modernization of video surveillance and public electrification was requested and, finally, the construction of a suitable parking lot in the square of the district.



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