Recipe for happiness in different countries

Recipe for happiness in different countries

Every year, the happiness of citizens is measured according to several indicators in the World Happiness Report: GDP per capita, life expectancy, independence, social support and so on. For many years now, the Nordic countries have topped this ranking, starting with Finland and Denmark. Belgium, for its part, was ranked 20th in this ranking in 2020. But how to explain such a high happiness rate for these countries? To be happy, everyone uses their special philosophy of life. Overview of these ways of living that promise to make us happy.

“Hygge” in Denmark

Danish happiness is in a large warm pair of socks and some candles. All different in Denmark, it is famous enjoy (Hou-ga to pronounce), which will make its residents feel good. A word that is now everywhere, in our decorations and magazines. While it is difficult to summarize this concept in one word, as Meek Viking described in his book “Book of Hedge”, it stands above all comfort, faith, and goodness in its simplest form. enjoy Then all these good moments can be represented, which cannot be bought: Chilling in front of Netflix in candlelight and a warm and cozy blanket will be one of the small pleasures. enjoy We can get it. Good News ? You don’t have to complete it and live in Denmark to try it out. So take out the candles and follow the leader, We give you a user manual to put it into practice!

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“Lagom” in Sweden

This little word that is pronounced “ Saliva-beef » It does not have an exact translation, but it can mean “neither too much nor too little”, because one main principle of this philosophy of life is none other than ecology. Swedes are actually going against the current of modern life and the excesses of redundancy. They advocate a return to basics and sustainable consumption is part of their education. Simplicity, naturalness and restraint are also three values ​​that are close to his heart. A way of life that allows them to live in harmony with others and with themselves. What if we are inspired by this?

“Moi” in Japan

If the Japanese and mainly the inhabitants of the island of Okinawa are more than a hundred years old, then it is nothing. This community certainly has an extraordinary vitality, but their longevity can also be explained by their way of life which we call it «Moy». In the Japanese language, this small word means “coming together around a common goal”. Clearly, each member of the community is part of a «Moy», Or a group of lifelong friends who support each other in good times and bad times. Regardless of their age or financial condition a person will therefore not be able to isolate themselves. These social relationships constitute a real pillar in their way of life and make them very happy.

“Cosagach” in Scotland

Happiness combines Danish, Swedish, but also Scottish! Just the way enjoy, To Cosmic Promises you to appreciate every little joy of your daily life. how? ‘Or What? Relax and warm up! This old Gaelic word means “to be safe, warm” and invites us to reconnect and disconnect ourselves. This practice however does not anchor in Scottish customs as it is the tourism office which established it in the country in 2017 to attract tourists in search of tranquil and spacious green spaces. So, kick start or not, if taking a walk in the woods and a bowl of hot chocolate by the fire allows us to be happy, we risk nothing by trying!

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“Pura Vida” in Costa Rica

If Costa Rica has topped the ranking of happy countries on the planet for many years, it is not only due to its ideal location, but also between the waters of the Pacific and Caribbean Sea, it is also thanks to what its inhabitants They say “pure Life”. This philosophy of life literally means “pure life”. Because the people of this Latin American country adopt an art of living that is always positive: pure Life Not only is it their way of congratulating each other, but it also means “it’s okay”. Costa Ricans have a habit of finding the positive in every situation and remembering every day that there is good in life. If tropical beaches, mountains as far as one can see and the incredible biodiversity there undoubtedly help keep things in perspective, “Pura Vida” is an integral part of their education from an early age.


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