Recommendations of imminent WHO in front of coronovirus variants at 6 o’clock curfew, Indonesia … news this Friday morning

Recommendations of imminent WHO in front of coronovirus variants at 6 o'clock curfew, Indonesia ... news this Friday morning


Cleanliness Measures. In his press conference on Thursday, the Prime Minister announced the normalization of curfew across the country from Saturday at 6 pm. Despite the rise of vaccination, he does not rule out the possibility of third imprisonment “Strong epidemic decline”.

Variants. The Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) is due to issue recommendations on Friday due to the presence of a more contagious form of coronovirus, which could lead to a new outbreak of epidemics already exposed to two million victims.

Indonesia. Officials said more than 34 people were killed in Indonesia’s Celeb Island on Friday, with relief personnel finding debris of several demolished buildings, including a hospital. Have survived. An overnight magnitude 6.2 earthquake injured several hundred and caused panic among residents west of the island of Celebs, which already faced a major disaster in 2018.

black box. Indonesian investigators announced on Friday that they were able to extract recordings from a Boeing black box that crashed into the sea with 62 people. Recording “We are in good shape and we are reviewing the data now”Said, the head of the Indonesian Transport Safety Committee who is participating in the investigation into the causes of the accident.

Difficult situation. Companies will have “Law” The Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, announced that he would benefit from his bank for an additional year to start repaying loans withdrawn by the State (PGE) to deal with the crisis.

weather. During the hearing of the “Affair of the Century” held on Thursday before the Paris Administrative Tribunal, the public colloquy asked the unions to pay a symbolic euro for the condemnation of the state. “Moral bias” Of its climatic dormancy.

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Justice. The Natrere public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into “perjury” against the Paris police prefect and senior magistrate after reports by LFI MP Ugo Bernalikis, chairman of the National Assembly’s Commission of Inquiry. Independence of the judiciary.

United States of america. United States President-Elect Joe Biden, following Donald Trump’s indictment, has been trying to expand his priorities and especially to control his plan against the economic crisis that eclipsed his trial. The risk is predecessor. In the evening, they should unveil their stimulus package of $ 1.9 billion, their stronghold in Willington, Delaware, and call on Congress to adopt it quickly.

Justice. More than 32 years after the Lockerbie attack, Scottish Justice on Friday ruled on the possible posthumous rehabilitation of the only convicted Libyan Abdelbaset Ali Mohammed al-Megrahi, whose family is determined to prove his innocence.

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Eternal Suburban, the newspaper’s new editorial director advocates continuity, hardworking people who don’t stick to lightness.


The family of Parisian student Diary Soo, who has given no sign of life since 4 January, rejects the thesis of voluntary disappearance. His intellectual ability made him known throughout the country beyond the boundaries of Malicounda in the West.

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Facing the epidemic, academics quickly had to deliver their lessons via the Internet. But online learning cannot be improved: as the experience of Moocs has shown, it is about inventing a new teaching.

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