Recovery plan, insidious risk of mafia – Other news

Recovery plan, insidious risk of mafia - Other news

Corruption is often considered helpless, it does not harm entire communities and regions, it does not kill anyone. In fact, the corrupt are corrupt and shrewd to survive in a world made up of taxes and levies. What is missing is shot against mafias, cultural change is necessary to see it and recognize it as a real crime that kills the future of all while enriching the present for some. Mafia expert, Sergio Nazaro, for an interviewEurispesRafael Canton, Who in addition to being a magistrate, is an essayist and academic. After years in the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Naples, he works in the office of Cassimorio of the Supreme Court, from 2014 to 2019 he was the chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Authority, in 2020 he was appointed by the CSM. Public Prosecutor in Perugia.

Corruption and the mafia, these two concepts that weigh on our civilized society and the country’s economy, how interconnected they are and how much they feed each other, but above all are both really rooted in their gravity?
Corruption and mafia are two concepts that refer to two criminal realities that are separate from and persist each other, but which are important overlapping areas in any case. In fact, mafias require their existence to weave ties with legal economy and politics. Above all, the current mafia prefers to use corruption rather than intimidation to achieve its ends. In fact, buying an officer can be more beneficial for mafias because in this way they ensure their loyalty. The presence and strength of mafias increases the risk of corruption and on the other hand, the desire of the corrupt facilitates the mafias. By reducing corruption, looking at it, ultimately, a system that runs the economy risks indirectly strengthening the mafias.

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There is a problem that is very rarely addressed, or when a mafiao has served a period of his detention, even a long time, and returns to his territory. You have done a high-profile investigation, particularly against the Casalesi clan, La Torre di Mondragon clan, but decades have passed. What threats are actually being faced, is it possible to return in the past?
The repentance that Mafiao has not reprimanded, in every way, is to maintain a relationship with his territory, and to resume his place in the criminal hierarchy when he returns there and begin to manage the illicit trade again. gives. The lengthy detention that follows punishment for mafias, however, is an external context, much different and threatened at the time of the recovery of independence by the mafia, more than a return to the past, with groups of protesting violent that empty spaces in any case Is captured. It is also necessary that after how often their sentence is commuted, the mafias are returned to areas that have resurrected themselves, civil society, even through the action of the territories where it becomes more difficult to act , Because the atmosphere of fear and silence no longer exists.

We have repeatedly argued about their economic impact in Europe. His investigations in the late 1990s and early 2000s demonstrated the existence of mafia capital in various European countries.
The La Torre di Mondragone clan had invested permanently in Scotland in the nineties where they had their own dense network of interests, as well as in Holland. The Casalesi clan invested permanently in Romania, Hungary and Germany. We are talking about only the two main Camorra clans of the Caserta region, so it is easy to imagine the business of illicit capital that has more or less consciously invaded European countries. This is a basic point to constantly underline, as mafia do transactions, they invest regardless of geographical boundaries and there is no country, territory that can be called immune, in Italy or the world. There is a need for an anti-mafia tension as well as a continuing sensitivity that protects a healthy economy producing work, as the first victim is the fine economy that allows for the growth and wealth of a region.

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There are many things about the infiltration of mafias into the economic system, even though, in my opinion, their presence is a constant one; How is this contamination prevented? The subject of controversy is the procurement code which many see as cumbersome, others ask for less control, how do you get out of this deadlock?
In the DNA of mafias that infiltrate the legal economy; They need to rein in illegal income and increase them manifold. Control over the legal economy also means social control and the possibility of influencing politics. To prevent this, we should not disappoint the guards of preventive checks. Mafia are very good at taking advantage of emergencies and exceptions to the rules. As a procurement code, I believe that the excess of rules and therefore bureaucratic complexities is a negative fact because it does not allow the work to be done and because the excess of complexity can only lead to corruption. We need to find a happy medium but we need to avoid even more of what has happened in recent years and that is to constantly change the purchase rules. The bureaucracy has become inefficient and no longer able to respond.

In the immediate future we will have more than two hundred billion Euros Recovery Plan funds available for our economy. Two challenges arise: to ensure that organized crime does not take advantage of it and move quickly to the other side, can the Italian system succeed this time?
The wait we have with the Recovery Fund is unprecedented and it is difficult to predict. Risks can, however, take advantage of that offense because the idea that you have to spend without going through too many problems is passing, considering the usual rules. Deregulation is a situation the mafia prefers because they can use their ability to “explain”, bully, and commit corruption. We should have the courage to say this clearly: Recovery Fund is a great opportunity for the country, but it can become a big risk and it can be an opportunity that mafia are waiting to take their revenge against the institutions . And the deepening crisis of the anti-social mafia (unfortunately under all eyes) can be another benefit for mafias.

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You have seen the face of organized crime from the nineties to the present day, what symptoms would you define as the most dangerous, what challenges do you consider as future challenges, which we must face in the present already present?
The thing that bothers me the most is the ability to mix new mafias; Able to capture more and more gray area and appear without a cap and shotgun, but with a tie and grisle. A mafia that also concerns less distracted public opinion, as it is clearly taken from the problems that the epidemic is inflicting on us daily.


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