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Riciclare è un dovere
08/24/2022 – We read about the importance of recycling everywhere. What is our duty? An act of awareness towards the planet and the environment. We all definitely agree. But in some cases, the most unusual or out of the ordinary, you have to sharpen your wits to recycle.

Like this MB Crusher Decided to tell some unusual recycling stories sent in by my customers. “In many cases we were amazed. In others we were really amazed. We hope you’re after reading their stories too. And if you have quirky stories, send them to us!”, says MB Crusher is an invitation.

calcium sulfate
Imagine a giant plant. A chemical company that goes hand in hand with the circular economy. This company has about 150,000 cubic meters of calcium sulfate contaminated with nylon sheets for His Caterpillar 323. MB-S18 Screening Bucket installed on With holes in the basket of smaller dimensions, this way the dust is cleared of all nylon residue. Way out of the ordinary but very effective.

the earth cleared
The beauty of MB Crusher’s interchangeable grids of rotating screens is that they are available in a variety of sizes, depending on the work that needs to be done. In Chile, for example, The use case of a MB-S18 210 . was done on With a large mesh basket to separate the earth from the woods and brushwood.

sticky material
Certainly everyone agrees that the treatment of brownfield sites is hard work. “Luckily for us, MB Crusher said, we’ve found a Scottish company that specializes in demanding tasks like this.” this company Uses MB-R800 Drum Cutter Mixing viscous and wet materials before feeding the heating system, thus increasing its efficiency. “This is one of those applications that left us speechless!”, MB Crusher remarks with awe.

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stranger than that
MB Crusher said that: “When we launched our line of rotor screens we envisioned them as extremely versatile, precisely due to the fact that rotors are changed on site depending on the work to be done. And the widest range of types Thanks for the choice. We also knew that with these star screens our clients would be able to tackle any type of job. But we couldn’t imagine that they would be able to: Aerate the salt, sieve the iron and steel fluff and mix the ash well, All the materials that were previously wasted and which now, thanks to the companies’ attitude towards recycling and the use of MB crusher products, have now found a second use. ,

back in the 80’s
So far we have seen some pretty amazing applications. The last case presented is somewhat even weirder, if not downright funny. We are in summer, undoubtedly one of the most distinctive things are the summer bonfires on the beach. MB-G900 Grapes were used to clean the scrub and create the biggest bonfire ever,

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