Reese has made a snack cake so you can get dessert in the morning

Reese has made a snack cake so you can get dessert in the morning
The candy company is launching peanut butter and chocolate snack cake, billing it as a “mid-morning snack”. The product will come in two cake packages at 1.99, and will come officially Hit stores across the country In December, joining Reese’s huge line of products, including Reese’s Puffs Breakfast cereal.
It sounds like a recipe One morning sugar .ch And then the sugar crash. If you’re craving sugar before lunch, you’re not alone, with 83% of adults in the U.S. saying they’ve craved sweets before noon last month, according to a survey by market research software software SiteX. Company.
Mike Ore, brand manager of the grocery and snack brand at Reese’s Owner, said, “We want to create the perfect treat for Reese’s fans to satisfy that miss-morning sweet tooth.” Hershey (H.S.Y.), Said in a press release. “We know that sometimes you don’t want to wait until lunch.”
Reese is not the only brand that can be earned by Americans who eat at home during the epidemic of more amazing times. The craft has recently rebranded itself Craft Mac cars and cheese dinners to add the word “breakfast” On the box, hoping the label will remove some of the embarrassment associated with their parents who give their children an easy serving of breakfast food at breakfast.
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