Referee simulates a covid case to undergo liposuction in secret: he will be punished

Referee simulates a covid case to undergo liposuction in secret: he will be punished

Referee Diego Montano Robles ended up at the center of a scandal in Mexico for lying to the federation: he announced he had Covid-19 to undergo liposuction surgery.

in recent times Mexico And his league has often been at the center of world football debates for the most diverse news: from major buyouts to tech investments to mega-controversies between fans, nothing they missed in Central America’s biggest country. Commentators and fans Liga MX He thought he had seen everything but what happened over the past few days is unique because it is as incredible as it is real: a referee has had liposuction surgery, but lied to justify his absence and Now after being discovered there is a risk of getting approved.

Since inaugural tournament 2022 the director Diego Montano Robleso He has not been assigned for any match, he will only make his first appearance on the third day and has been designated as VAR in the match between Pumas UNAM and Nexaxa to be played this Sunday. The Reason? As revealed in the newspaper column by journalist David Medrano recordWhistle did not appear at the annual conference due to family problems and told that he would not attend as one of his family members had tested positive for Covid-19, so he would have to remain in isolation.

However, the reality was quite different. In fact, it seems that the referee, who made his 2015 debut and also entered the FIFA circuit in 2019, did not show up, as he may have had liposuction surgery. Armando Arcundia, the new chairman of the Mexican Football Association’s Referees Commission, discovered the lie and ordered FIFA to immediately impose monetary penalties in addition to requests to remove the badges, meaning an additional $30,000 monthly income.

Contradictory position in fact, not for the choice of intervention but for the lies committed by referees to federal bodies.


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