Reggio author Giuseppe Notaro’s new novel “Fall in Love”,

Reggio author Giuseppe Notaro's new novel

After the last work “It Happened One Night” in 2020, Reggio-based writer Giuseppe Notaro introduces himself to readers with a new novel, fresh from the press, published by the Calabria Leteria Editris of the Rubettino Group, titled “In Love Drop” .

The volume, soon available in bookstores and online platforms, is set in Amazon and initially features a sentence by Scottish author AJ Cronin: “How do these people live? I’ll provide the answer. They don’t exist.” .

A compelling story, the fruit of the author’s imagination, that takes the reader into the mysterious Amazon rainforest and engages with descriptions of the places and situations of the indigenous people. For the latter reason, the work can be defined, in a broader sense, in a popular text.

“With my twelfth book – explains author Giuseppe Notaro – I once again tried to combine fantasy and reality. A trend that is repeated and I hope will delight readers. In “Falling in Love”, The story revolves around Denis Vinci, a professor of anthropology who, during his stay in the Amazon for study reasons, meets a young indigenous woman, Atasho, with whom he weaves a love story, but finds the girl belonging to the tribe. A man is promised … pages of the novel, I, in particular, focus on the difficulties involving the indigenous peoples of this geographic region”.

Who is Giuseppe Notaro

Giuseppe Notaro was born in Reggio Calabria. A graduate in economics and commerce and law, he was an administrative officer in the administrative department of Reggio Calabria and Messina. From an early age, to literature, music and art in general, he has instilled a passion for writing for over twenty years. For his books, recently, he was awarded a Plaque of Merit by the Regional Council of Calabria. As well as the Giuseppe Calozero Prize from the cultural association of the same name.

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“Allow me to thank – Giuseppe Notaro – Rubettino Group for trusting me once again, my family for supporting my passion as a writer, Antonella Pelican for producing the cover design, which is my The new book perfectly illustrates the story and how many will decide to read my new novel”.
For more information, you can visit the author’s website and the Facebook page “Giuseppe Notaro – Writer”.


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