Reportweb – Culture – XIV Faito Doc Festival

Reportweb - Culture - XIV Faito Doc Festival

Press conference for the presentation of the XIV edition of the Feto Dock Festival in the municipality of Vico Equines at 12 noon Tuesday. The originality of Fato Doc lies in its combination of “inherently cinematic” space with seventh art, nurtured by a sense of cheerful fraternity that reaches the participant, actor or spectator of the event, making him the hero of a cultural party. goes. As it turns out from our site too. / Writers and directors from around the world come together with their own vision of reality to present their film.

Over the fifteen years, the festival has sown a legacy of ideas and values ​​that have restored cultural relevance to Monte Fatto, as well as regenerating the spirit of the region and stimulating good energy and new activities on the spot. Is.

Il Faito is an extra-urban location, a natural park situated at 1,131 m above the sea that embraces two bays facing the bay of the islands of Naples, Vesuvius, Capri, Ischia and Procida … It is a nostalgia There is a submerged landscape, which appears and disappears in the clouds. The sensuous qualities of this mountain on the sea lend themselves to giving life to creative documentary projections, proposing meetings and debates, comparing strong and personal ideas and perspectives to how reality is told in cinema. . Belvedere and changing light become at the same time and thanks to cinema a beautiful view of the world in which we live.

Now in its 15th edition, Faito Doc follows its objective of revealing and enhancing new forms of cinematographic languages ​​to tell reality. From direct cinema to animation, from intimate to experimental cinema, the festival reveals to the public the virtues of autistic documentary, a genre that is still under-distributed. Like every year, it brings together documentary films from around the world on a universal theme. “Brotherhood”, “Reincarnation”, “Passion”, “Identity”, “Madness”, “Movement”, “Empathy”, “Inbreeding”, “Return”, “Horizon”, “Vertigo”, “Rhythm”, “2020 In Metamorphosis I » and in 2021 Metamorphosis II »; “Evaporation” will be the theme of 2022, which aims to magnify and analyze the changes we are still experiencing in our society in a cinematic way.

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The Fato Dock Festival is one of the destinations of true cinema lovers and many foreign as well as Italian directors register their works in a call in the hope of being selected in international competitions.

The number of youth willing to participate in the program has also increased. The Fato Doc Camp camping area, which was built for the festivities around the “Casa del Cinema”, thanks to the Friends of Filangieri of Castellamare, is a good example of this. The Phaeto Doc Festival maintains the qualities of empathy and sharing in each edition and offers the public a taste of the best international autobiographical documentary by creating an encounter with the film’s directors and/or protagonists. Thematic festival allows to deepen and bring together a universal demand with many aspects.
The International Jury will be composed this year by: Bryce Giannico (Programmer BoF La Ciotat – France), Gaspard Giers (Videsta and Archaeologist, Belgium), Giorgia Franchini (Editor, Italy), Yorgos Arvanitis (Director of Photography, Greece), Olga Lukovnikova (Director, Moldova), Elinor Hollin (Director, Scotland Winner Final Edition)

At least 50 films from 27 different countries will be shown: feature films, short films and ultra-short films, bringing together and comparing directors with a sharp and original look. Meetings with the writer’s directors/producers/guest characters to accompany their film or to attend a professional meeting. 4 international competitions and 20 collateral events are related to the theme of the competitions or festival.

New for 2022: The first FAITO DOC pitching in partnership with SABAM (Society of Belgium / Ghee Writers / Writers and Musicians / Composers) to raise and promote new talent. The writers/writers will be followed during the week by an expert and a “theater director” and will present their project pitching to festival professionals. Each of these 5 experts will be assigned to the writer/director: Massimo Innetta (BE) Director; Amel Bouzid (TN) Producer; Alexandre Cornu (Fr) Producer; Edoardo Frachia (it) the creator; Simone Fenoil (IT) or a representative of the Holden School. SABAM Audiovisual Sector Manager François Stassons will meet with SIAE Manager Enrico Nocera.

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First Living Library with theater director Elisa Fresco and in collaboration with the “Teatro Toco” Association of Parma: The “Living Library” method, created in Denmark, is a tool to promote intercultural dialogue and fight against discrimination of all kinds. It works like a classic library except that the books are real people who share their vision of reality with a reader through their own intimate and personal experience.
Upon opening, the festival pays tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini and presents a film work made with residents of the Il Camino rehabilitation center.
As part of the CAMPANIA DOC, the festival collaborates again with the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples: the best films made by students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples – meeting and testimonials with the Academy’s Masters. Students’ participation in the jury and in visibility with LAND ART.
This year, the FAITO GIOVANI laboratory, coordinated by Benedict Rossetti, will be animated by Celine de Vos and Mariana Miozzo, proposing an “Evasioni” workshop for young people aged 7 to 17, always with a film making every year.

DOC is out now! Curated by Antonio Maiorino In appearance and online: Interviews – Examine authors of recently respected films or established professional charisma on contemporary real cinema, an outpost Detail of the most relevant events of contemporary documentary cinema.

The desire to expand the various professions of documentary cinema continues: this year the profession of noise maker. We will have a noise laboratory with Céline Bernard, a specialist in sound effects, one of the rare female rumours for cinema and radio, she works for Radio France and France culture programs in particular.

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Meeting with screenwriter Stefano Martufi (of the Holden School): «… Can writing be a stealth tool? » In conversation with psychiatrist Maria Anna Rosaria Paletella
Exhibition of photographs “EVASIONI 2022” as a result of the Italian photographic competition “Spikecare il Volo”.

Offers, as every year, a natural and artistic walk filmed with teacher and naturalist Nando Fontanella and with performances by Mariana Miozzo; Accompanied by clarinetist Emanuel Mamarella.

MEETING-CINE-JAM Actress and singer Berthe Tanwo Njole and staff with musicians and singers
Stealing with Poetry by Akil Basil Association – Le Ali della Letura: The Jam of Reading in Poetry and a Tribute to Iranian Poet and Filmmaker Forugh Farokhzad.

Finally, Cricco’s sculpture exhibition, the creators of the Beach Doctor Awards for more than 10 years. In the 15th edition, Faito Doc pays tribute to this Belgian surrealist artist who fights with humor and love for a circular economy and recycling of objects.


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