Resistance from China, India and Russia

Resistance from China, India and Russia

NS G-20 arrived yesterday Naples A (half) chord current Weather Ed energy During the second and last day of work of the meeting of the Environment Ministers of the Member States.

a 100 days from the beginning of 26/m United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), scheduled to November a Glasgow, In Scotland, long talks between different states related to G-20 led to the approval offinal press release”, which still reflects deep divisions, not so much on the need to fight against Climate change, as well as on the way to achieve this goal.

In fact, there was no consensus on gradual elimination of coal from energy production by 2025, an issue which was strongly opposed by various delegations. other than this, sent Continuing from two days held in royal palace outline of an agreement reached in 58 points but it has no indication of the target Keep global temperatures below 1.5 degrees by 2030, instead confirming established limits a Paris In 2015.

“Two of the 60 articles were removed because it was not possible to reach a compromise”, the Minister for Ecological Transitions admitted at a news conference yesterday. Roberto Singolani, Whosoever . presided over the summit of Naples. “So some points have been deferred to higher political decision levels G-20 Heads of State: Objectively it was an excellent result”.

According to singolani, “United States of america, Europe, Japan I Canada “are in favor of an agreement”coal mine from energy sources by 2025 it’s on growth prevention above global temperature under Of 1.5 degrees by 2030, “but four or five countries, including China, India I Russia, they said they don’t mind giving this acceleration, even if they want to stay within the range ofParis Agreement

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However, according to the minister, the agreement reached is “fundamental to pave the way”. COP26“My that sore point remainder of the conversation i Times. “Some countries risk not making it economically” over a period of 5 or 10 years. Ale’Paris Agreement Entered in force 2016 actually planning to keep it Global warming al di under Of 2 degrees To respect Ali pre-industrial period inside NS 2030 And, in the long term, to limit its further increase to 1.5 degrees, but without setting specific time limits for the latter purpose.

“I would have been more ambitious,” he admitted. singolani, but “I think we can absolutely be happy and content, we didn’t have all this optimism, the odds seemed to be high”. According to the minister, the agreement achieved is “absolutely unprecedented, because for the first time ever”. G-20 accept that Weather I energy policy are strictly Linked“. In short, victory more than anything else in principle and in terms of decisions of heads of state and government and COP26 From Glasgow.

what does the agreement provide

The agreement is divided into 58 articles and crosses a variety of topics, but can be summarized in three points:

Biodiversity – G20 is committed “to” protection of natural capital and ali ecosystem restoration Solutions based on nature, on the protection and restoration of soils, on conservation of water resources, oceans and seas”, with a special focus on waste dumped in the ocean.

circular economy – G20’s vision on circular economy “focused on textiles and sustainable fashion, on circular cities, on education and training”. Member countries for the first time recognized the findings of the recent report IPBES I IPCC Feather The relationship between biodiversity and climate change, launched on 10 June.

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sustainable finance -Focuses on agreement need financing For Security And this repair or reinstall of ecosystem, as a contribution to the ongoing debate on the future of the global financial system

Now what happened

In short, the agreement of Naples Allows you to define a range of new schemes Weather With a view to significantly reduce polluting fumes 2030 and potentially to achieve the goal of “net zero emissions“By 2050, presenting these projects United Nations Before the interview provided for in Scotland.

Even then, no compromise phased out carbon beyond energy sources prevention increase in Temperature Makes it difficult to consider the global agreement as a real success. According to what emerged during the summit, the nations of G7, With Mexico I South Korea he claimed the piano Ben more ambitious than produced by the meeting of Naples, but it was not possible to cross resistors From Russia, India, Saudi Arab I China.

looks like a deal Recognized NS scope of problem And this need to work to save humanity by the effect of Climate change Produced by industrial activities I Pollutionbut they still exist deep division Feather Street to go through.

Meanwhile, the weather condition continues to worsen catastrophic events occurred in Germany I China. On August 9, a new assessment on the state of climate change is expectedUnited Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), following the latest 2013 report and warnings issued to world leaders in 2018, called for immediate and drastic measures to avert the devastating effects of predicted extreme weather events.

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NS new relationship, being developed by more than 230 authors from 65 countries, will increasingly confirm that human activities are responsible for accelerating global warming. according to the magazine scientific American, the document will include “a strong statement on the human impact on rising global temperatures as a result of the development of greenhouse gases”.

from the latest forecasts ofIPCC In 2013, seven years have passed in which global temperatures and pollution have continued their run. If Then the report warned today about the risks associated with a further increase in global warming, with images West Germany and from central china, we can already see the effects of extreme weather events on heavily man-made parts of the Earth.

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