Rhône. Leon’s iconic Citron Garage will feature a Brewdog brewery

  Rhône.  Leon's iconic Citron Garage will feature a Brewdog brewery

The ground floor of the old Citroën garage in 7I The district should soon be invested by a brewery. This is a tweet by James Warr, the founder of BrewDog Brewery, seen by our colleagues Lyon tribune Who sold the wick

No information has been disclosed yet, other than at the scene indicating that this brewery will be located at the intersection of Marseille and University streets. We can also see that the installation should be large and have a roof.

Already a coworking place

Rumors have been hot for many years about what will happen to this iconic garage. If the floors are already occupied By a very large cowboy space The ground floor was deserted. A Leroy-Merlin project was conceived, but eventually refused.

A Scottish brewery

BrewDog is a Scottish brewery, started in 2007 by two friends (and their Labradors). His idea is to offer less industrial beer, and sell it in Scottish markets. Based on his success, he started crowdfunding in 2009 to develop more quickly. A first brewery opened in 2010, and the foam never dwindled. From now on, Lyonians will be able to benefit from it, but always in moderation.

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