Rome: Acea Ato 2 . two new municipalities in the province

 Rome: Acea Ato 2 .  two new municipalities in the province

Green light from Rome’s city council

Green light from the City Council of Rome to include in the agenda of the extraordinary shareholders meeting of Acea Ato 2 Spa the expansion of the shareholding of the capital subsidiary of two new municipalities. The motion was rejected by the Julius Caesar court with 27 votes in favor and 15 votes in favor.

“During the capital increase approved in 2002 by Roma Capital, a company made up of the Metropolitan City and the municipalities that are part of the ATO, there was a lack of recognition of two municipalities, Fonte Nuova and Campagnano di Roma. With today’s resolution we call Roma give a mandate to authorize Capital, opened on 14 December during the shareholders’ meeting and is still open to await our decision, the capital increase that allows this operation”, to the Budget of Rome Explained to Councilor Sylvia Scozez.

The Capitoline Assembly also approved an agenda attached to the resolution, previously signed by Councilor Andrea di Primo of the Brothers of Italy, which called on the Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, and the Council to “actively verify the need for the Roma Capital”. Commits to take part in Acea Ato 2 to represent the criticalities that have arisen in recent years in several city areas, and many more in 2021, where constant water shortages and, above all, flow pressure A generalized lowering of water was noted to prevent it from receiving a service and a primary and fundamental public good”. The purpose of the commitment is to “obtain assurance from the manager that the firm technical solutions adopted on a case-by-case basis – the document reads – as described in the Integrated Water Services Charter, do not specifically involve an economic expense to users”. .

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