Rome: Budget adjustments in the Capitoline assembly, more than 6 billion in investments


Major investment of 6.47 billion: This is expected to settle the Capital Budget for the three-year period 2022-2024. The document was presented this morning to the Capitoline Assembly by the Councilor for the Budget of Rome, Sylvia Scozzi, The recovery of funds comes from state and territorial capital transfers that “amount 885 million, 345 million more than in January, of which 700 million are linked to PNRR,” Skoczez said. “In the capital account, Roma Capital allocated 1.7 billion in January for investments, and today, with two changes, it has reached 2.8 billion. The resources were partially augmented with an administration surplus of 475 million. Another recovery comes from “mortgage deprivation”. Their value in the budget is 686 million, today we reach 635. We save 51 million which is intended for the present part”, clarified the councillor.

Finally, another important part of the recovery concerns 29 million more for the possession of public land (OSP), which is free in the emergency phase of the pandemic but which now has to be paid regularly and regularly. “We have a tax assessment that’s worth 29 million more Public Land Business (Osp), because clearly the regime has changed: we went through the Covid emergency which had restrictions in May when we applied with a proposal, new tariffs”, Skozze said. With respect to the current revenue in the forecast budget for 2022, which stood at 5.55 billion, today 6.122 billion is ascertained “because we have implemented a restricted surplus of 389 million”.

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In all, 572 million has been recovered on the current revenue. At the same time, however, the provision for the tourist tax was reduced by 14 million. “Offices were expecting more tourist attendance in the first six months of the year, which did not happen due to Covid. Given the significant attendance we are recording, we believe that this lack of penetration can be corrected and detected in the autumn adjustment”, concluded Skoczez.

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