Rome, Gualtieri praises former mayor Veltroni. Rafa (M5s): “Are you kidding?”

Roberto Gualtieri, former minister of economy and PD candidate in the primaries for the municipalities of Rome, began his communication campaign and pointed to the index on previous administrations: “Rome pays for the inadequacies of the Raggi and Alemano administrations”. The best administrations of recent decades have been those of Rutelli and Veltroni, says Gualtieri, which was immediately rebutted by 5-star deputy Angela Ruffa: “After 7 years, Veltroni left so many debts that he did not realize how many“. Thus, the endless story repeats itself. (The Getty Images)

“Rome pays for the inadequacies of the Raggi and Alemano administrations. We have studied the budget and the impressive figure is the amount of resources Rome has and possesses, but they remain untapped”, Roberto Gualtieri, former economy minister and candidate in the Democratic Party’s primaries for the municipalities of Rome. decision of gualtieri He is as harsh to his political opponents as he is to former mayors of his own camp. “The Francesco Rutelli and Walter Veltroni administrations have been the best in recent decades. The Alemano was budgeted in order and cancellation of loans fixed by the government. After five years of disastrous management, it left them with a structural deficit of $550 million and a collapse of investments. Ignazio Marino held back the accounts: a work culminating in the paralysis of the current administration. Likely to start again today”, Gualtieri rebuilds. But was it really so?

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“Gultierino beautiful …”

Presenting another version of the facts, almost the opposite, is angela ruffa, the M5s MP who comments on the former economy minister’s words on Facebook: “Gualtierino handsome, are you kidding I hope? You were also a good minister of economy, but we have a bad situation in history. I’ll try to refresh your memory. Veltroni was mayor from 2001 to February 2008. in june 2008 The national government had to intervene with a decree law (n.112) in recognition of Rome’s economic and financial condition and to appoint an extraordinary commissioner for the preparation and implementation of the repayment plan from past debts. result? Veltroni”7 years later, he’s gone so much debt that he doesn’t even know how much And only to understand the amount a commissioner was needed to be appointed”. In this sense Ruffa also took the opportunity to defend the work of Virginia Raggi, who—according to the 5-star deputy—was beset by debt associated with the previous administration: “With regard to the inadequacy of the rays it is worth remembering that you left it 12 billion in debt (On the commissioner’s management which has put so much weight on the pockets of the Romans). In fact, your ‘substantial legacy’ consisted of 9 billion financial loans and another 3 commercial loans”.

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Gualtieri vs Raffa: Which of the two is correct about Rome?

Waller Veltroni (The Getty Images)

In 2008, for the first time, Rome was under commissioner management for past debts. The debt is about 12 billion. At that point the barrel discharge between center-right and center-left had already begun. In 2008, after Walter Veltroni, Alemano became mayor and found himself facing huge debt. The commissioner tried to make a firm point on the past debt of the capital in 2016 Sylvia Scozzi: Government management figure is 12 billion (3.2 of non-financial nature, such as business due for late payments, and 8.8 of financial nature, such as mortgage). sole 24 ore In 2019 however, Skoz reiterated, “Neither Roma Capital’s loan repayment plan has been prepared so far nor is the definitive loan appraisal document included in one Analytical reconnaissance and a thorough representation To correct the pre-2008 financial position.

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Eternal return of barrel discharge

Municipal Rome (The Getty Images)

Veltroni has already intervened on the issue, defending itself and repeating: the blame lies not on the municipality, but on Lazio Region, mainly in difficulty due to the 10 billion health losses accumulated between 2000 and 2005 (during the centre-right junta of Francesco Storres). Also, underlined Veltroni, the 48% of loans were taken before 2001, during the 80s and 90s. Even today, many years later, the unloading barrel of blame on the Roman debt is the same as itself: political forces accuse current mayors, municipal administrations accuse previous administrations of budget holes, past administrations blaming someone else. (such as the region, or the 80s-90s). The skeleton is difficult to uncover, but in the meantime one thing can be said: no, dear Gualtieri, Veltroni has not left the accounts in order. It could be argued that this was not entirely his fault, but a hole of 12 billion and a new commissioner of management does not represent “accounts in order”.


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