Rome reads: One in three Romanians do not pay waste tax – PODCAST

Rome reads: One in three Romanians do not pay waste tax - PODCAST

The recovery of fines is even worse. The jubilee fund will be managed by the government

Here are the highlights of the day from the press review by Marco Moretti which you can also listen to in the podcast version (click) Here,

Rome will also have the highest waste tax in Italy, but also a record evasion rate: budget department figures say collections are stagnant at 34% percent and lost revenue of 1.6 billion, largely untraceable. time That “one in three Romanians does not pay tari. The collection of fines is also poor, which is 20% with damage to the treasury of about two billion euros. And to replace 500 baskets it is yellow, cast iron that Was supposed to replace Raggi, he is not found now”. Still Courier Highlights news and headlines “Toddy and fines, municipalities do not collect. The mea culprit of Scotland’s deputy mayor complaining about the bill not being sent isn’t that the Romans don’t want to pay – says the Scotswoman – it’s that often the bill doesn’t come, we have to change the collection system. It is not a question of arrears but of our delay. And hence there are fewer resources for services”.

Government manages funds for the jubilee

Sheet writes that “Draghi will help Gualtieri with the waste-to-energy plant, but the funds will be managed by Mef. Palazzo Chigi was clear about the money: we manage it. Or rather the company “Giubileo 2025″ 100% Mef The State Accounts Office will oversee everything. Barring any hiccups in the financial statements, the company will close its doors on December 31, 2026, which has ended after a good year. The project is headed by the Italian Post Office. The CEO will be Matteo del Fante, a manager respected by the head of government, but also by the parties in a transversal manner”.

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Refugee welcome: Phase II begins

For the reception of Ukrainian refugees in Rome, phase two has passed, we read Messenger That “After the management of civil defense in hotels, we now move permanently into the hands of the province. There are three guidelines for not leaving 3 thousand refugees in hotels without autonomous ‘hostage’ solutions (in quotes): Mafia Using property confiscated from the U.S., finding structures used as homes in the province, and asking suburban hotels to become exceptional aid centers.

city ​​of fans

Long report on the republic in “City of Fans”. Where Roma and Lazio live. According to a study by Sapienza, one blue-white for every three Giallorossi in the football passion maps in districts and neighborhoods”.

Ode to Garbatella from the Financial Times

“If you’re a romantic by nature, walking through the Roman district of Garbatella will make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale”, says financial Times In his column and article devoted to tourism, you get to read: “If you’re a fan of history, it’s like opening a book with perfectly preserved pages. If architecture and urban development are your passion, then you will surely satisfy, while those with a sweet tooth will be delighted by the charming restaurants in this lush neighbourhood”.


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