Rugby: Azzurri no hesitation against Samoa

Umberto Piccinini. by Rugby Class

As the millstones turn, rugby continues to face challenge after challenge.
From this Saturday, for five weeks, old Europe will be the ground for rugby with the capital “R” and the top ten of the fifteenth graders, only Samoa eleventh and Italy fourteenth from the magical decade, will weigh each other in no uncertain terms terms.
We have reached the Autumn Nations Series 2022, where the national teams from the Southern Hemisphere exchange the “courtesy” of the summer by visiting the “above worlds”, which, almost surprisingly, are first in the world rankings, along with Ireland and France. Covers two locations.
These are traditional conflicts that until only a few years ago were “really” called the “November Test Match”, but now, between “over the air” rights, satellites, and all the social satanism, they have turned into a planetary phenomenon that is sweeping the world. The scale attracts millions of fans and, as a result, the sponsors who watch this media showcase with breathtaking eyes. But nothing is free and, however, maximum spectacle is demanded at three hundred and sixty degrees both inside and outside the pitch, where nothing is omitted and sequins and sequins are essential as everything must shine. We are on an irreversible Americanization of the everyday.

On the eve of “Coupe du Monde de Rugby 2023”

As always, a year after the World Cup, all matches have double importance. The crews try to steal the opponents’ secrets, if there is one game in full development and transformation it is rugby in XV, then to merge the definite “groups” that can be welded over the remaining twelve months. Players, for their part, will do everything in pursuit of an unshakable spot for the world championship.
So with our minds on the next World Championship event, with an overture starting next September 9 in France, this will be the spirit with which they face each other in this Autumn Nations Series 2022. For South Africa, the world champions, the “calendar” seems the most difficult, for Ireland, France, Italy and England, no less easy for the Wallabies, the Aussies, who beat Scotland by measure and “tournament” for a week The start was anticipated, and the schedule would be with France, Italy, Ireland and Wales, Argentina with England, Wales and Scotland, while the much-anticipated All Blacks would stop play against Wales, Scotland and England.

Match three to solve the Blue Rugby puzzle.

While the increasing trend of blue girls is undeniable, the recent route to the quarter-finals at the World Championships is a spectacular event for the Italian oval ball, a signal transmitted by the boys, even though they wear the colors of zebra parma and Treviso, particularly opaque. live.
CT Kieran Crowley’s boys will see it respectively with Samoa in Florence in Padua, Australia, while Genoa will be the match ground against the world champions of South Africa.
The serious question, as it is not easy to answer, the movement asks itself: will the spirited victorious Azurri winner in Wales or the gloomy Batumi team beaten by Georgia last July show up for the call? An authentic “Hamaletic skepticism” seems to have been accompanied by a partial response, a moment of excitement, or an expectation, of a dream, even though since the return of the Pionein Center in Verona, where he worked in preparation for the three challenges, Completely achievable for President Federale Marzio Innocenti with two wins and only one defeat.
As the poet Tonino Guerra said, optimism is the fragrance of life.
A kind of “if not now then when?” Maybe a little ‘risky’ and thrown in there to risk further pressure in the group.
However, it is this mandate, an object of minimum imperative, from which, it seems, we must start all over again.
But which of the three opponents it will be defeated, or it can be reversed by giving optimistic meaning to the sentence, who will win is not known. The more I struggle, the less I find a solution, realistically, two out of three, as already written, strong Australia and South Africa without undermining, naively, Samoan.

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Crowley’s Alternatives

The first round of the season for Italy is, in fact, against Samoa, scheduled for November 5, 2022, with the whistle starting at 14.00.
It will be a particularly complicated match, if you prefer, and is difficult to read, so much so that Aszuri will struggle to find a “comfort zone” in eighty minutes.
Kieran Crowley outlined this clearly at the press conference to announce the formation: “A very difficult match as none of their players play in Samoan clubs, but they are practically the top 14, Premiership and Super Rugby. The beach is scattered. All the staff come from Super Rugby so they are very well trained, we expect a very tough match from a physical point of view in which the keys will be two: to implement our defensive structure well And to challenge the best during the breakdown”, and the end,” it’s hard to identify a specific weakness in a team like Samoa, unlike what happened a decade ago. They’re among the strongest teams in the world, we need to change our game plan. Try to live up to the mark and do as best as you can within your capabilities.”
Hence the tactical options of twenty three in the race list. You have to deal with the hospital so much that in the last sixty seconds of the Millennium Stadium the two brave heroes will not be there. Both Capuozzo and Padovani are struggling with muscle problems. In such a situation, the question arose as to who could play the delicate role of Ati. the die is cast. Despite making his debut in the role in Azzurro, it would be up to Alan, not a newborn, to wear the number fifteen jersey with Ioane and Bruno on the wings. The experience of Morrissey returns, who has regained a point of balance at the London Irish, with Brex added as centre. After some outstanding performances, Varney sees himself in the median as well, an element with doubtless skill, but with a shorter playing time at Gloucester, which undermines his undoubted qualities, with Paolo Garbisi off center with Montpellier. The champions of France at the inauguration after the start of the championship. Lamaro will lead the steadfast captain, Manuel Ziuliani, who is pretty sure, and Lorenzo Cannon, Niccol’s younger brother, in his full debut, third in the line. In the second Cissi and Ruzza to induce the trigonometry of the touch and push Fischetti, Nicotera, the likes of Lucchesi on the initial whistle, and Ferrari to the front row in a closed scrum. The remaining eight males available are also interesting, of which five are “forward”, with the first tested Cecarelli, Luchesi and Neymar, Nicolo Cannon and Halafi then Luchin, finally the zebra’s center will be able to show its qualities. A match so much physics in the blue, Manfredi Albanese for the median, and Menoncello to close, perhaps, in perspective, one of the best feathers in Europe.

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Padua and Samoa are synonyms for rugby

It will be played at the iconic Plebiscito stadium in Padua, one of the few structures built to host rugby in Italy, a city where you can breathe the smell of the oval ball. The great “All Blacks” of Petrarca, a company founded in 1947, boasts well with fourteen championships, they are the re-raised Italian champions in the previous edition, three Italian cups, and I do well with the nursery work. Note with thirty-six national youth titles. The heated “Fratricidal” challenges against Treviso and Rovigo are epic.
And the referendum doesn’t contrast this time either with a full House in every order of places for more than eight thousand seats.
When we say rugby, whether it is XV, Seven or 13, we can only think of “islands” of the Pacific, whether they are from Tonga, Fiji or Samoa. Certainly nature helps with these specially shaped structures for the oval ball and as more “physical” rugby becomes, as is happening, they become more essential to the economy of the game.
Rugby is a national sport in Samoa, but is not a “best youth” sport for local colours, but vice versa.
Samoans are a planetary resource and most find it expedient to play elsewhere, be it clubs, franchises or citizens. There is a great business that revolves around rugby and observers, indigenous and otherwise, multiply and “boys” are placed under contract, not always in a legal manner, since the teens and even earlier. In short, a kind of special oval immigration agency. Among New Zealand, the top buy all backs and their best elements have always been Samoan origins and Australia, but for some years the European Union has also favored this “channel” to refine the rosters. Rugby is such a cult that it was a real national “shame” when, not surprisingly, in 2017, Samoan Premier Tuilepa Selle Malielegaoi announced to the world that the National Rugby Federation was in a dismal form in an exhibition worth over a million euros with banks. was insolvent. , so much so that to decree a blatant failure. There was no more money to pay for travel for staff and players, for health insurance or just for hotels and tours. There was no possibility of being able to change shirts between one match and another and it all came, at least the official outing, while the team was in Europe, therefore, in theory, without any possibility of returning to their home country. But cries for help did not go unheard, and the whole world mobilized to help Samoa, not just the oval, both by private individuals and the “public”. The English Federation alone donated one million euros on that occasion. World Rugby, the world federation, opened a “purse” covering the expenses of two million euros.
There are seven examples between Italy and Samoa and Samoa has broken it five times.
Last two challenges in 2014. Fifteen to zero in Apia in favor of the hosts and twenty-four to thirteen for Azzurri, in the second half, in a return to Ascoli’s “revenge”.

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A prediction? It is not easy to do, let’s say, single-handedly, maybe a classic 1X2 from an old Totocalcio.

so on the field

All matches will be broadcast live on Sky, and unencrypted, by TV8 with connections starting at 1.15pm
Federugbi credits Azuri in training at Verona meeting


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