Runaway bull rescued by firefighters

Runaway bull rescued by firefighters

A Highland bull that ran from its stall at Windry-sur-Tardin on Friday 23 July was able to regain operation after the intervention of firefighters.

A beautiful rest!

This 4-year-old Scottish-bred Highland bull is described as a “jumper” by its owner, Clement Roux: “I put it down around noon, and I came back around 7:30 to see how it was. He was walking, he recalls. He probably jumped off a four-foot fence. When I looked up, I saw him 500 meters from the feedlot.”

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half ton

SDMIS intervened with a veterinary team and a vet. The bull weighing half a ton was knocked unconscious with a dart. After this his owner took him to the stall by tractor.

“I had to tie it with a metal chain,” says Clement Roux. But I take care of her: I bring her grain, alfalfa, and I’ll even pick clover for her. It takes me a step back from fertility activity. This is the first time an animal has taught me such a lesson. “


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